Why A Blog is Vital to Starting and Growing Your Business

Why A Blog is Vital to Starting and Growing Your Business

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There was a time when having a business had nothing to do with the internet or a publication. That time has long passed, and it is naive to think that you can have a modern business without also having a blog. It doesn’t even matter what your business is. You could be a farmer and still benefit from having a quality blog with fresh content.


With the ease of creating a quality blog with modern platforms and hosting services, not having a blog makes little sense. You might be skeptical, but there are good reasons to take advantage of today’s easy access to getting online. Here are some examples of why it is vital to start a blog for your growing business.


Increase Relevance


In today’s world it has become necessary to have a blog in order to show your company is legitimate. In the past, being listed in the Yellow Pages told people that you were reputable as well as how to contact you. Now, people look online. If you have no web presence, your credibility comes into doubt.


Increase Searchability


Okay, so you need a web presence today in order to be relevant. Why a blog, though? A blog gives you lots of advantages over a simple site, and one of those advantages is that your site becomes easier to find. When you publish blog posts, you increase the signals to search engines like Google. Therefore, when people are trying to find your site, the more you blog the easier it is for Google to find you. This is particularly true if your posts are rich with keywords that help promote your business brand.

Promote Your Brand


Because you control the content on your blog, you also control the narratives about your brand within your blog. This allows you to clarify, compare and inform readers as to why they should ultimately choose you instead of your competitor.


Improve Understanding


Sometimes people lack the proper information required to make good choices. You can’t rely on your competitors to explain why your product or service is superior, that is up to you. Your blog is an open platform to share with readers all of the information needed to help them choose you.


Separate Your Brand from Competitors


What you do can be obvious. What you do that your competitors don’t can be the necessary difference to consumers. You can use your blog to show the advantages of your product and the disadvantages of your competitors. This is not only a powerful way to voice the differences, you can keep your content fresh and therefore stay on the cutting edge of your industry.


Your blog allows you to repeat messages so they better resonate, as well as change your message quickly as needed. If your message no longer reflects your updated product or service, it becomes irrelevant. Don’t let your stale message create the wrong impression.


More Ad Space


The more you blog, the more space you create for ads. This is for obvious reasons. Every post provides fresh ad space, which improves your opportunity to create new revenue streams as well as promote your own brand and business. The more you post, the more eyes will see your ads as well as your content and the more you post the more often people will see your ads.


SEO Leverage


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is an emerging market. What this means is that it is increasingly important to have your content findable through search engines. Providing fresh content helps your SEO profile by increasing the signals your blog sends out. The more signals and the stronger the signals, the easier it is for potential customers to find you. There is an added layer to why blogging can be vital to your business, though.


A primary service SEO companies provide is called link building. What that means is that they link on one site back to their clients site. This is a powerful way to send signals to search engines that the client site is relevant and valuable. These SEO companies need partner blogs in order to provide this service to their clients. This is where your blog can add additional revenue.


If you have fresh content you attract SEO companies to your blog in order to pay you to post their content on your site. This, along with ads, create broader revenue streams and improve the profitability of your company. More content also improves your own SEO power. If you post blogs with words that are relevant to your business, you improve your ability to be found in search.


The days of the Yellow Pages and being disconnected from the internet are no longer viable for business. This is true across the board. And if you are going to put your business on the internet, then you might as well go all the way and create the advantages that come along with blogging by participating. Who knows, you might become the next internet sensation.

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