Building Love At First Sight With A Little Curb Appeal

Building Love At First Sight With A Little Curb Appeal

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When it comes to making the customer fall in love with the business, the brand plays just as much of a role as the products and services. If you have a store, restaurant, or an office that’s open to the public, it’s a key tool in the brand. Getting them in the door can be the most important step in building a relationship with them, so here we’re going to look at how you get the curb appeal that can encourage that step.

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Be loud

A customer or client should be able to tell what your business is about from a single glance. For retailers and restaurants with plenty of space to display what they do, that might be easy, but if you have limited space or you’re trying to attract the attention of not just pedestrians but also drivers, there are few things more effective than a backlit sign. Ensuring that it communicates both the brand and what you provide is important, so don’t just put a sign that declares the name of the business, use it to deliver as much information as it can conveniently do.

Make it stand out

Not all curb appeal is about communicating the purposes of the business, however. On a busy street, the right architectural feature can help it truly stand out and get some attention, which can then cause customers to take notice of the business itself. A metal canopy for the front of the building is a good example of this, as well as providing a secure environment for the elements. Any businesses that have an outdoor component to them, whether it’s a café with outdoor tables or a store showing some of its inventory outside, need to consider the comfort of that external space, not just the appeal.

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Give it a warm welcome

Regardless of how much space you have, making use of exterior plants outside the business can have a profound effect on its appearance. A few simple potted or hanging plants can make it immediately look like a positive, more friendly space. If you have more space outside or even a lawn, then landscaping is crucial and can help add a more unique welcome to the property.

Put your best foot forward

Making the exterior of the business as neat and presentable as possible is non-negotiable. From wiping down windows to clearing away leaves and debris, your business should look clean and professional from the get-go. If you have plenty of window space, it should be clean to present as much of your products as possible in the best way possible. For retailers, visual merchandising can be a hugely effective part of marketing to pedestrians on the street. By showing the best of what you have to offer, you encourage your customers to explore even further.

Naturally, ensuring that the interior matches the appeal of the exterior is just as important. Curb appeal is just the first step, but your business premises need to be optimized for conversion inside and out.

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