Case study of how to improve ux: website or mobile app usability and user experience

Case study of how to improve ux: website or mobile app usability and user experience

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In this video tutorial I explain how to improve website usability (sometimes written as just UX) and user experience.

I explain this by presenting a case study of how I improved the consumer experience of my own products by using off the shelf analytics packages and my own software analytics that I build into the product.

When I built my original mobile apps and early versions of my website, I had identified key actions that I needed by customers and users to perform, which would either improve the time they spent on my site or app, or spend more money. Those actions could be things like clicking various links, buying things, signing up for services, or simply navigating the website or app in the way that I needed them to. Of course, you won’t always get 100% of the people doing what you need them to do. That is not attainable. But with the help of using various techniques to improve usability, conversion of people doing the things I needed them to do can be raised.

What I did on my websites and apps is that I made sure to continuously update the website and apps, and monitor the engagement of users with the new features I was adding, or navigation I needed them to do. Each time I got enough sample data to make an informed decision on how the most recent version of the website or product influenced consumer behavior, I strategically planned next changes to the product that I thought would further increase the conversion rate of what I needed my customers to do. Then I would launch the product to the marketplace again, and begin to monitor how people were interacting with it in order to make further changes.

This is how I consistently iterated and improved the UX and customer experience of my websites and apps. Just continue repeating this cycle, and never stop improving your product. After just a few months, with this strategy my very first app became one of the highest rated apps on Android, which helped it grow in Google Play search rankings, and get more users.

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