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Four Reasons to Back Your Business Laptop Up Regularly

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Whether your laptop is used strictly for work only or you alternate between both business and personal use, it’s likely to be one of your most prized possessions. However, although you may protect it physically from harm by using a laptop case, and use anti-virus software to protect it from malicious malware, failing to back up your business laptop can be a grave mistake. Here are just some of the main reasons why regular back-ups are a must.

Protect from Data Loss

If you have important business information and data stored physically on your laptop, it can be difficult to recover this if needed. Although you may be able to get some or even all of your data back from a broken laptop by going to a professional laptop data recovery company, if your laptop is lost, for example, there is little hope of ever recovering anything. For some small business owners, this could be a devastating event that means they need to start from scratch! The best way to prevent this situation is to regularly back your data up to the cloud, using a service such as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, for example.

Protect Your Personal Data

These days, it’s not just your business data that’s at risk when you fail to back up regularly – your personal data could be in danger, too. For example, even those who only use their laptop for business use may have used the USB port to charge their iPhone, unknowingly copying over all of their personal photographs and other files, for example. Chances are that as a small business owner, you have some personal information stored on your work laptop. Failing to back up your laptop means that it’s more difficult to get this information back in the event of damage or loss.

Protect from Accidental Damage

Accidental damage of your laptop is not usually included in its warranty, and unless you have an insurance plan which would cover the cost of repairing your laptop and recovering the data, it could be more economical for you to simply buy a replacement. But, the problem with this is that unless your data is backed up to the cloud, your new laptop won’t contain any of the important information that you need. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that sometimes, accidental damage could render your laptop beyond repair. For example, a flood or a fire could damage a hard drive to the point where data can no longer be recovered.

Better Business Efficiency

Backing your business laptop up regularly will not only ensure better security, but you’ll also find that it can contribute to your company’s efficiency. If you are using a laptop that’s filled up with various files and documents, this could start to affect how quickly it runs, which in turn will determine your productivity. Regular cloud backups mean that you can clean the physical files from your hard drive, freeing up memory.

No matter what you use your business laptop for, ensuring regular cloud backups will protect both your company and personal data.


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Why Every Business Owner Should Hire Advisors

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No-one is an expert on all things business related. Even the biggest entrepreneurs have got to where they are by paying for advice along the way. Here are a few ways in which you can use professional advisors to better your business.

Understanding legislation

Every business has to abide by laws. But the legal system can be complex. For big steps along the way such as initially registering your business, hiring your first staff or selling your business, it’s good to have a lawyer or legal advisor that can guide you along the way. Specific areas may have their own specific legal advisors. Companies like Byrdadatto exist specifically for the healthcare sector. Similarly you’ll find business lawyers in areas such as finance, marketing and HR. Invest in these where you are unsure of the rules to avoid accidentally breaking the law.

Saving you money

Cutting costs means more profit. Financial advisors can inform you of various ways to lower the costs of your business. This could include expenses that you didn’t know you could declare, cheaper tools and services that you could be using and insurance schemes that could be more profitable.

Independent financial advisors are easy to find, although you’re best using a comparison site such as Unbiased to find one that’s reliable and tailored to your business. Always read testimonials and ask about their previous clients, so that you know you’re working with an expert. Many accountants may also be able to double-up as financial advisors.

Identifying risks

Advisors can be very useful for identifying risks of all kinds so that you can act on them quickly and nip any problems early in the bud. When moving into a new office, hiring a building surveyor may notify you of any structural damage that may need to be repaired later down the line. Health and safety advisors meanwhile may be able to help you plan an effective fire escape plan as well as notifying you of any risks in your office such as sharp objects or asbestos that could injure any employee or at the very least result in a lawsuit. Security advisors meanwhile might be able to advise you on how to protect your business from burglars, whilst IT consultants can prevent viruses, bugs and hacks, allowing your digital workflow to remain undisturbed.

Saving time

Some jobs can require a lot of painstaking research, in which case hiring an advisor can speed up the process so that you can come to an informed decision quicker. Insurance brokers for example may be able to find your business the best insurance scheme, rather than you having to spend hours shopping around on various insurance sites. When entering a foreign market, a foreign advisor might be able to tell you of the best way to market your product to their standards without you having to read up on customs yourself. By saving time, your business can focus on the more pressing tasks at hand.

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How to succeed with a roofing or a home repair company

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I have recently been working with a roofing company in Wallingford and New Haven, Connecticut.

Companies that provide services like roofing, general contractors, and home repair, are categorized as local businesses. Local businesses have two challenges. The first challenge is to provide a good service, and the second challenge is for these companies to promote themselves effectively enough to get a steady stream of clients.

I always leave the providing of a good service up to the entrepreneurs because I don’t know much about roofing or home repair. My hope is always that they are great at what they do since I can’t be of much help in those areas. But what I can help with is the marketing for these companies.

One of the best ways to stand out among the crowd is to create a great promotional video for your company which ranks in YouTube, and also eventually Google search. Here is the video that my client made.

After creating a great video, the person responsible for marketing at a local business must make sure that their website is ranking well for SEO keywords that their potential clients will search. Just like people searched Yellow Pages for home repair services 20 years ago, when people need these services today, they search the web. And as the person responsible for the marketing of your business, you must make sure that you rank for all your related keywords in Google search. For example, the keywords this company chose was home additions in Wallingford, roofing in New Heaven, and home insurance claims in New Heaven.

After creating and executing your Google search strategy, you must also make sure that your business has good reviews in Google map rankings, and websites like Yelp. If you do all that, you should be able to get clients, and grow your local buseinss.

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Twitter followers: how to get more Twitter followers (buy or free) & sell on Twitter

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In this video tutorial you will learn how to sell products and get many new followers daily on Twitter with a very strong strategy that uses two Twitter tools that will help you achieve more with your social media marketing.

Use this link to sign up for Social Quant.

Use this link to sign up for SocialOomph.

Want to learn how to get 1,000,000 or more people to learn about your business? After I achieved this, I made a marketing course about it. Check out my course with marketing strategies on how to reach 1,000,000 people which covers advanced SEO, advanced social media marketing strategy, and more. The following link has a coupon code at the end which will give a very big discount to the course.

In this video tutorial, you learn a Twitter marketing strategy which lets you automate your Twitter marketing, promote your business, and get more Twitter followers. But that isn’t even everything. The best part about this strategy of using SocialOomph and Social Quant together is that by using Social Quant, you will get very highly targeted Twitter followers who have a high chance of becoming clients of your business at some point.

Additionally, when you use SocialOomph the way I do, you will also get very high quality free Twitter followers because you will be using the right hashtags, and those new followers will find you because your tweets are related to their interests.

Using Social Quant and SocialOomph together will automate your Twitter marketing. Actually, with SocialOomph you can also automate your other social media marketing because it can post updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you start the process with SocialOomph and Social Quant together, you will be getting more new followers every day, and you will be automatically posting many tweets to your content and your products, and get all your new Twitter followers to see those tweets with promotions of your products and content. And guess what, every day you will have more Twitter followers to promote your product to. So as weeks and months and even years go by, you will get tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new Twitter followers, a big percentage of whom will be highly targeted people to whom you will be able to sell your products! And that is how you can effectively sell on social media.

Of course, if you want to sell on social media, you must also build a loyal following and trust. You accomplish that by mostly posting high quality content and links to helpful products.

Do you buy Twitter followers? When you buy Twitter followers, are you buying high quality followers or random bot followers?

If you buy Twitter followers already, or want to buy Twitter followers, consider how much better it would be to spend that money on SocialOomph and Social Quant so that you can get free Twitter followers who follow your account because your account is relevant for their interests.

For example, if you buy Twitter followers on Twitter, in almost all cases those will be bot followers who add nothing to your business. But if you buy Twitter followers (well actually get them free) after you combine SocialOomph and Social Quant, those followers will actually engage with your tweets and buy products. So you can actually buy Twitter followers and make a profit from it. Yes, there will be an initial investment, but that is because this is a strong strategy, which when done correctly, should pay for itself. So long-term, as you accumulate tens of thousands engaged Twitter followers, you will make more money than you spend on the two automation services mentioned in this tutorial.

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Philosophy and history of religion: spirituality despite politics from antiquity to existentialism

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Here is the link to the course on Udemy. To learn more about the course, just read the rest of this blog post and watch the video. The video contains approximately half of the course.

In this video tutorial I present a trailer for my full course on philosophy of religion. This video is more than enough to give you a sense for whether you want to get the entire course. The link to the course gives it away for just $9 which is something that is extremely affordable.

The course and the video discuss philosophy and history of religion. They discuss the history of politics that has always enshrouded religion, and it also talks about spirituality which is the search for something more meaningful, and how religion has always had spirituality and politics playing a tug of war in a sense.

The course has a few sections. The fist section is the introduction to my background. I have studied philosophy, religion, psychology and have always been curious about how politics works, and how politics effects everything around us, and what the origins of those effects are.

After that, the course looks at the 5 major proofs that God exists that have been presented by philosophers throughout history. And then immediately after that I cover some arguments to prove that God doesn’t exist.

The course and this video also discuss the concept of spirituality, and how that is tied into religion. Spirituality is very difficult to define. It is a term that is often used and misused by many people to mean many different things. In this course I use the concept of spirituality to discuss man’s search for meaning and relationship with something greater than himself.

I also talk about theory of belief and knowledge. In philosophy, this is called epistemology. Epistemology is very important when it comes to religion because we have to ask ourselves when we can say that we know something with certainty, and when we believe something. Knowing and believing is very different, and people often confuse one for the other. This happens especially often when it comes to believing in God vs. putting faith and believe in God vs. knowing for sure that God exists without ever seeing God.

I also discuss how different philosophers in history saw religion. I talk about Rene Decartes and his work the Meditations in how he addressed the skeptics about what we know and can’t know. I also talk about Friedrich Nietzsche and his writing on how God is dead and man killed him. I also talked about existentialism and Soren Kierkegaard, and his leap of faith. I also touch a little bit on Nihilism and ultimate meaning of life and man’s meaning as man is responsible to create it for himself in the modern world.

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Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates) pros and cons. Is it a good affiliate program?

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In this video tutorial I explain the pros and cons of the Amazon affiliate program which is also known as Amazon Associates. The Amazon associates affiliate program is the oldest and most reputable ecommerce affiliate program on the web. They are certainly a very important one, and a benchmark for all the other affiliate programs around the web to be measured against.

Even though the Amazon affiliate program is one of the most reputable and trusted one by consumers and sellers alike, it does have a few flaws that prevent it from being seen as the best on the web overall. The main problem is that people aren’t generally able to make much money with it because the commissions tend to be quite low.

The commissions range from 4-10% which isn’t much. Another problem with the Amazon associates affiliate program is that the affiliate cookie duration is only 24 hours. That is very low. People rarely buy expensive items within 24 hours of looking them up. That means that this program is best suited for inexpensive purchases that are more impulse buys or things that the consumer already know they need. This is problematic because it makes it very difficult to generate good money from sales. Another problem with the Amazon affiliate program is that there is no CPA (cost per action) offers. The only offers are to sell products which is not flexible at all.

Some good things about the Amazon associates affiliate program is that it is trusted. People are more likely to buy from Amazon than most other sites because it is a truly trusted brand. Another advantage of this program is that the commission a publisher gets isn’t just for the product that they promoted. The commission a publisher gets is for the entire purchase. So if you sell a small product, but the customers fills their shopping cart with expensive items, you get commission on the entire purchase.

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How many times or how often should you post and update your Facebook business page

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In this tutorial I explain what the right number of times that you should update your Facebook business page or a fan page is in order to get the most engagement with your updates.

While there are general guidelines, since there are so many different kinds of businesses out there, there are many different kinds of business pages and fan pages as well. And there are many different styles and tastes of running them. For different industries, different strategies may be more or less appropriate.

For most common types of business pages, about once or twice a day is the best schedule for posting Facebook updates. If you don’t have that much time to devote to updating Facebook, you might want to slow down your Facebook updates to only a few per week, and instead to focus on the quality and engagement of your updates. To get more engagement, try to post articles or videos which come with very vivid visuals, and that are already popular on the web. Facebook knows which articles are good because guess what, those articles already have many likes on them. And so Facebook will show those articles to more of your fans and you will get more engagement with your posts.

25 Facebook Marketing Strategies

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How to make a Google Plus post to boost and improve SEO

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In this tutorial I explain how to boost your SEO with Google Plus. Many people don’t realize this, but when you create a new Google Plus update, that update actually has its own web url, and is able to be searchable in Google.

In addition, you are able to structure your Google Plus posts to resemble a real page. You can create a title section, a little description section, the body of your post, and even a footer are where you should add your hashtags. You can also embed videos and photos in your Google Plus posts to help the SEO of your videos and any other links you put into your Google Plus updates.

Another great thing you can do is to try to grow the number of your Google Plus followers. The more followers you have, the more authority your posts will have within a specific niche.

Personally, I try to use Google Plus all the time when I need to help my content rank in Google search or YouTube search. Since I started using Google Plus as one of the social networks where I promote my content I have seen a boost in search rankings of some of the content that I promoted there. This doesn’t happen with all content, but I do see that it helps quite often.

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Business plan competitive market analysis: know your competition

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In this tutorial I explain what is the competitive analysis section of a business plan, how to write it, and how you should think about your competition. I also discuss how investors view this section of a business plan, and what points you must cover to make sure that they are ok.

Often, investors look at the competitive analysis section of your business plan to see how well you have researched your market, and how much experience you have in the business niche in which your business is in.

Knowing your competition is an absolute must. If an entrepreneur doesn’t have a good understanding of the competitive environment in their space, it is a bad sign of whether they are fit to run a business in that business space or not. You don’t have to over-focus on your competition and obsess about it, but you should study your competition and understand what direction they are moving towards, and always think about whether that is something that might also be good for your business.

Your competition are essentially your business peers. Even though you may have negative feelings about them, there are few people who understand what you are going through, and the challenges you face like your direct competitors. They are going through the same things.

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Learn to code and create your own apps and products for business ideas you get

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In this video I discuss what people might do if they have a business idea for an app or website or product. Most people can’t do much about their business idea because to do something means that they have to hire someone, and that is expensive and fraught with risk. But in this tutorial I suggest that people learn how to code apps or websites in order to make their business ideas and ultimately their dreams come true.

Many people have a few options available to them for having their app or website developed, and none of those options are that attractive. The options can be partnering with a technical co-founder, hiring a developer or hiring an agency. Another option is to learn to code so that the entrepreneur can create their idea on their own without having to spend time or money on hiring others, or trying to convince others to work with them. My advice is often that people learn programming so that they could develop their mobile apps and business ideas on their own, without needing outside help. Few people take my advice, but over time they learn that the other options are also not as good.

You can easily learn programming by buying a Udemy course on how to program (I don’t have any such courses, but other instructors do) or using my favorite website, or by learning from a book, and many free online tutorials. Learning to code will also give you a very marketable employment skill that will get many people to hire you.

My Own Experience In Learning How To Code

I studied Computer Science in college, and I learn how to code there. But the things I learned in college were fundamentals. When I went to college there was no such things as apps. I had to learn how to make apps on my own. And at every step, even though I was already a programmer, I had to learn how to program and code different things like different languages, technologies, or unique features within a programming language that I was already familiar with. In other words, I was never able to stop learning how to program. I always had to figure out how to code some thing either within my apps or websites, or some technologies that enabled them such as back ends and databases.

It was a pain to keep learning to code, but it was worth the effort because my first projects were failures. And I was able to keep failing cheaply. Failing cheaply is not an option if you have to hire a programmer to build your business ideas. Many people can’t recover financially from a single such failure in any kind of a short time needed to bounce back. But if you can code, not only can you bounce back, but you can be working on your business ideas every day, even if you have to work during the day to support yourself financially.

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