Dead Simple White-Hat SEO Techniques For New Businesses

Dead Simple White-Hat SEO Techniques For New Businesses

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One of the first things new businesses ask themselves when they start up is how they can improve their rankings on search engines. After all, it’s no fun being way down on page 20 for your particular keyword, getting 0.001 percent of total traffic. Many companies look for techniques to quickly boost themselves up the rankings. But the problem with this is that a lot of those techniques aren’t allowed, and if you get punished, you could be penalized for a long time.

The good news is that there is stuff that you can do that it totally legitimate to quickly improve your position. Check out these dead simple white-hat SEO techniques for new businesses.

Copy Adword Ads For Better Title And Description Tags

If you’re selling a product, there’s an excellent chance that there’s somebody else out there on the internet who is selling it too. The bad news is that they got there first, but the good news is that they are now a resource you can use to title your blogs and description tags to get more clicks.


Some of your competitors will be using Google Adwords, the service that allows them to advertise in Google’s search results for a fee. Because Adwords is expensive, companies invest a lot of time fiddling about with different combinations of words to see which ads attract the most clicks. Often the ads that you see are the result of hundreds of different split tests, where ads are tested against one another to see which is the most effective at grabbing attention. You can use this fact to your advantage, choose titles for your content based on phrases web page in Adwords. In other words, you’re piggybacking on the research and success of the marketing material already out there.

Insert Yourself Into Local Ad Directories

Placing your business in local classified ads is a great way to build links, but the way it benefits business has changed over time. In the past, classified ads were used to generate backlinks to your site, but now these are weighted less strongly in Google’s ranking algorithm. The purpose of classified ads today is to drive specific users to your website and increase engagement. Search engines are a lot more sophisticated than in the past and are interested in the number of people visiting a certain page, as well as how many other websites link to it. Putting your business in a classified ad with a link to your site helps to funnel people through to your webpage increasing your overall presence on the internet.

Curate Content To Emphasize Benefits


Most of the content that is generated out there on the internet is organized by topic. For instance, think of blogs you’ve read like “top 10 fastest cars” or “top 10 best coffee shops.” These blogs are great for some mild entertainment, but they’re never going to generate the engagement you want because they aren’t organized by benefits. Build blogs around benefits, like “how to get great links for marketing” rather than around topics. You’ll generate more traffic.

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