How To Grow A Blog That Educates People About Plant Food Diet

How To Grow A Blog That Educates People About Plant Food Diet

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I recently chatted with the entrepreneur who is the creator of a very cool site that teaches people about eating healthy plant-based food. The site is called Plantilicious. I am personally fascinated with this topic because I know so little about it, but realize that I need to make myself knowledgeable in the subject because my current diet is far from optimal (I have an affinity for junk food). So I will likely become a regular reader of the blog moving forward. In this article I wanted to discuss how to make such a blog much more of a business than it currently might be.

Extra Exposure From Podcasting And YouTube

Since a blog is an educational medium where the blogger shares their knowledge about a subject, they can get far more exposure by also creating videos with the same content. Those videos can be used to get exposure on YouTube, and the audio from the videos can be used in a podcast. Additionally, all that video and written content can be packaged up into books and online courses. We’ll touch on this a bit later in the blog post.

That little extra effort of creating videos and using their audio to also create a podcast opens the blogger up for a tremendous opportunity. Being on YouTube gives obvious exposure on the YouTube platform. But there are also YouTube videos that often get placed in Google search. That means that each video gives an additional chance for the blogger to get their content discovered via Google search. Plus, being on a podcast gives the blogger exposure from iTunes!

A Bigger Product Line

There are a few products that can be naturally up-sold to the existing blog audience. The most natural products are educational products like ebooks, regular books, and online courses. Online courses can be sold on Udemy. Here are examples of courses that I made out of my YouTube content. And here are examples of books that I created by taking my existing written content and simply packaging that existing written content into a structured books.

Additionally, this can be taken offline. The same educational content can be presented in an in-person, offline workshop. The attendees of the workshop can pay to attend, and can also be converted into readers of the blog.

Competitive Environment

Creating a business in the food and diet industry is not easy. These are multi-billion dollar industries, and competition is fierce. For that reason, this kind of a site will take time, consistent effort, and resourcefulness to get ahead. Here is my recommendation for how to get exposure. There are two general themes that can be used to get exposure. The theme of education can be used to create content for the blog, YouTube channel, books, online and offline courses. The other theme is that food is very visual. Visual platforms are photo platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and again, YouTube. Those are some of the main platforms and paths I would explore to grow exposure and monetization for this type of a business.

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Author: Alex Genadinik

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