Outstanding Meetings: What Features Do You Look For in a Conference Center?

Outstanding Meetings: What Features Do You Look For in a Conference Center?

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Choosing a conference center could be likened to putting together the perfect meal where all the key ingredients combine to make it taste and look amazing.


If you can manage to follow a recipe for success when it comes to choosing a conference center you will greatly improve your odds of having some outstanding meetings and getting positive feedback from all the people attending.


Here are some of those vital ingredients that you need to look for in a conference venue.


Good access


Accessibility is a key feature and the location of the venue can be viewed as almost critical to the success of the event.


Transportation needs to be efficient and readily available so that everyone attending can get to and from the venue with the minimum of fuss.


Choosing a venue like the Courtyard Fredericksburg Historic District where it is easy to arrive without getting stressed will encourage high attendance rates and when there are plenty of restaurant and entertainment options nearby this can often mean that you have found a suitable conference location.


Project the right image


Another important consideration is how suitable the venue is in terms of reflecting the image that you want to portray.


An old-fashioned and poorly designed conference venue is hardly likely to boost your company’s image as a forward-thinking, modern, and hi-tech business, so think about what the proposed venue says about you when choosing.


What you want is a venue that aligns with the image that you are trying to project to your customers and will appeal to your particular target audience.


Technical support


Most events these days will be reliant on a good level of technical support to ensure that the sound and image projection is professional and the WiFi works efficiently.


Delegates will quickly get frustrated when they can’t access a reliable WiFi network and if something does go wrong, you want to know that the tech support is there to put things right as quickly as possible.


Make sure you ask all the right questions about the level of technical support that is available at your chosen venue.


Food and drink options


Another aspect of conference planning that can make or break an event is how good the catering facilities are.


Most venues will be able to provide food and beverage options but how good they are at your proposed venue is something that you want to verify before you confirm your booking.




Finally, another key aspect that needs to be right is a good attendee to venue staff ratio.


You will want to know that there are enough staff to cope with all your requirements and that they are professional enough to convey the right image for your business.


Good staff provided by the venue can also be used to help you with surveys and promotional tasks, which is why staffing is a key issue that you want to know is covered to your satisfaction.


Find a venue that ticks all these major boxes and you will be well on the way to boosting your chances of enjoying a successful event.

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