3 Ways You Can Improve Your Conversion Through Software Implementation

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Conversion Through Software Implementation

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All businesses’ sales funnels are wider at the top than they are near the bottom.


If you aren’t familiar with the term “sales funnel,” the point when customers initially show interest in your business is at the top; once you’ve converted consumers into paying customers, they’ve reached the bottom of your sales funnel.


With the high level of competition in all industries in today’s world of commerce, converting potentially-interested consumers into paying customers is more difficult than ever before. Why?


A central reason is the widespread availability of technological devices and the programs that make them special – specifically, customer relationship management programs.


What Are Customer Relationship Management Programs, Anyways?


Customer relationship management (CRM) is any practice, principal, rules, methods, or guidelines that entities adhere to when communicating with customers and clients. The goal of CRM is to enhance the experiences people have when interacting with your organization, however it aims to boost those experiences.


In practical terms, CRM (customer relationship management – don’t forget!) refers to software – computer programs – that manage communications between your business’ employees and end-user customers, business partners, donors, patrons – in other words, anybody and everybody that interacts with your business.


Customer Relationship Management Programs Kick Ass – Trust Me


In 2017, CRM programs collectively became valued in excess of $40 billion.


These programs can be used in a multitude of ways, and can easily be intertwined into your company’s website. Whatever you choose, make sure it links to a secure cloud storage system.


So, how might you utilize a customer relationship management program? Fortunately for you, they’re almost always easy to become accustomed to.


They can track customers’ social media profiles, giving your business an idea of how satisfied (or disgruntled) patrons are. CRM programs generate reports on just about any data imaginable – they’re often color-coded and so easy to read.


You can even tie in all of your company’s email accounts into one, centralized location. How ’bout that?


Consider Implementing Live Chat Software To Your Company’s Website


If you haven’t noticed already, virtually every organization that provides services to its customer base uses live chat software to make its paying customers happier. Are you familiar with bars and boxes to the bottom right or left of businesses’ websites that offer to chat with customers? Those wouldn’t be possible without live chat software.


Statistics indicate that live chat functions add about 15 percent more value to customers, as compared to businesses that choose not to take advantage of live chat.


Most live chat softwares and service providers charge one-time fees, or offer low-cost monthly subscription rates to use their services. Don’t have enough customer service reps to man live chat lines? No worries! These service providers typically offer to man those chat lines for you. Simply give them any information they’d need to answer customers’ questions – that’s it.


Don’t Miss Out On Automated Email Campaigns


In today’s tech-savvy world of business, organizations typically try their hardest to solicit website visitors’ email addresses, offering them discounts, free products, or valuable digital items that can improve their knowledge or make life easier.


The Internet is full of programs that automatically send customers attractive emails full of such offers. 51 percent of companies weave email marketing automation into their operations, research shows.


Arguably the best way to take advantage of these tools – most CRM programs come included with email marketing automation options – is to set up on-screen pop-ups that offer customers something of value in exchange for their email addresses.


The Bottom Line


Customer relationship management is positively correlated with organizational success. Choose a quality software to provide your business with CRM solutions, use these three ideas, and kick ass.


‘Nuff said.

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