5 Tips On How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

5 Tips On How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

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There is a great number of people that tend to understate the importance of your website’s domain name. The reason for this is because they think that a top-notch website is a key to driving traffic and converting users into customers. But they seem to be overlooking several very important facts when it comes to domain names.

First of all, your URL is the first thing that people see, so it is a part of the first impression that they form about your site. A quality domain name may actually positively resonate with your audience. Another fact is that your domain name affects SEO. It is because of the keywords in it, which can actually impact your SEO ranking. Finally, it is something that defines your brand. It boosts brand recognition and is a branding opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

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Make sure you take up the .com

You are serious about your business and brand, right? Then it’s absolutely necessary for you to take up a .com extension. You can use a 301-redirect to get traffic to other extensions, such as .net or .org, but .com is an industry standard for domain names, and it is crucial to have it for your target market country. Among other things, it is one of the elements that build trust among your users.

While a top-level domain extension has its importance, a lot of people aren’t knowledgeable about them and might think twice before they click on your link. Don’t make the mistake of not gaining ownership over the .com extension for your site, and then having to waste money on winning it over.

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Go for brandable instead of generic

Avoid a generic domain name at all cost. A brandable domain name is supposed to be one-of-a-kind in order to differentiate your business from your competition. A generic name is simply stuffed with keywords, and no one will remember it. Never forget that your domain name makes up the foundation of your brand. It has to stand for something so that when people hear it, they have a reason to put their trust into it.

A great idea is to come up with new words that will only remind people of you (after all, isn’t that what Google, Yahoo, and Bing did?). On the other hand, you can use the thesaurus to find some great and interesting words related to your brand. You can even use the help of a domain name generator. Some of them are useless, but there are others that may actually put you on the right track, using the combination of your domain name ideas and keywords.

Research your preferred domain name

Before you head out and choose a domain name, listen to the advice from experts at Actuate IP, and do a proper research beforehand. Let’s start with the obvious – you don’t want to end up trying to use a domain name that is copyrighted, or used by another business. Do you really want to find yourself in an enormous legal hassle? Of course not.

However, what is also essential here is the value of your preferred domain name. A good place to consult about this is the huge aftermarket domain name reseller called GoDaddy. It has access to loads of data related to historical domain names. Just go to GoDaddy Domain Appraisals, and see how valuable your domain name is so that it is actually purposeful.

Make it easy to type

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people tend to mess it up. When you think of popular websites out there, such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yahoo, Twitter, and so on, you will realize that they are all really easy to spell. So, basically, your domain name needs to be something that your visitors won’t have trouble remembering and typing.

If it is something that needs to be explained multiple times, then it’s just too complex. You certainly don’t want potential visitors to mistype your domain and find themselves on a completely different website, right? Do an easy test – tell ten people what you want your domain name to be, and then ask them to spell it. If more of them have trouble doing so, then it needs to be simpler.

Make sure that your brand is protected

In order to make sure that your brand is protected, it would be a smart idea to purchase different domain extensions. The same goes for misspelled versions of your domain name. This way you’ll be certain that no competitor will register a similar domain name and steal your potential customers.

Final words

In the end, it is important that you act quickly because domain names sell fast. The good news is that they are not expensive, so you can register your preferred domain name as soon as you come up with it and do a proper research. As previously mentioned, if you have a problem picking a domain name that is perfect for you, use the help of domain name generators and resellers.

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