Is Your Company’s Site Making the Right Impression?

Is Your Company’s Site Making the Right Impression?

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Nowadays, not having a site for your business can completely kill it right from the start, and this is a mistake many people learn the hard way. However, what’s arguably even worse than that is having a site that has severe issues in one or more categories, something which you may not even be aware of for a long time. And every time a potential customer visits that site and lets it define their impression of your business, you’re suffering without even knowing that anything is wrong behind the scenes!

Performance Optimizations

Performance issues can be tricky to resolve, as they may not even be immediately obvious on your own local system. Depending on what environment you’re using to develop and test your site (assuming that you’re responsible for that in the first place), it might give you the wrong impression about how well it’s performing, and you may end up unaware that its performance is completely unacceptable on some lower-end machines.

This may or may not matter too much to you, depending on what your target audience is, but it’s still something that can make or break the impression people get about your business, so it’s something worth thinking about in any case.

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Aesthetic Considerations

Does your site look good enough? Before you answer that question, you may want to ask yourself if you actually trust what you’re about to say. Unless you’re a professional graphic designer with some significant experience under your belt, you may have the completely wrong idea about what defines a good-looking website – or graphics in general – and you may be unaware that you’re creating a very poor impression with a distasteful combination of colours, shapes, fonts, and more.

The easiest way to avoid falling into that trap is to just leave the graphic design in the hands of someone who actually understands how the job should be approached and what it requires. There’s no shortage of companies on this market, although finding reliable partners can be a bit tricky. Look for companies such as Pelling who’ve worked with reputable brands like Philips, as shown on their homepage: Information like this gives you an indication of how trusted and professional they are.

As long as you work with someone with a proven track record, you shouldn’t face too much difficulty translating your ideas into an actual finished product.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not getting enough natural traffic, there might be something wrong with your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, this is a very dynamic, constantly evolving field that’s very hard to keep track of, even for those who specialize in it, so you shouldn’t even think about handling that on your own. If you believe that your company’s site has issues with its SEO, you must hire an expert to take care of them, and possibly to maintain the site in the long run to avoid seeing the problem again in the future.

There’s a lot that you can do to ensure that your site is more visible when someone searches for the relevant terms in Google or other search engines, but it takes a lot of knowledge to do that properly, and your business site is definitely not the place to experiment with this yourself. However, by all means, follow up on what your hired SEO expert is doing and make sure that you try to learn a thing or two, as this kind of knowledge is invaluable nowadays, and it’s likely going to become even more critical for business sites in the near future.

Usability and Navigation

Last but not least, you should think about the usability of your site and figure out if users can actually go through it as smoothly as you expect. Normally, if the site was built from the ground up by a professional company like we described above, this shouldn’t even be a consideration – but if you’re fixing the design of something you’ve done in-house, that’s a different story. There are many fine aspects to developing a proper user experience that are not immediately obvious, and in fact, some people spend quite a lot of time studying that field just so they can get to an adequate level in it. Add to that the fact that user interfaces as a whole keep changing all the time, and it’s incredibly difficult to ensure that your knowledge in that area stays fresh and relevant.

All in all, when it comes to a website that is going to be seen by your potential customers, taking up a DIY approach is often a very bad idea that can leave you with a poor, broken product that’s severely below what people would expect to see from a business site. And knowing how much first impressions can matter, it’s very irresponsible to ignore this aspect of your business. Make sure you grab the bull by the horns early enough and address any issues that you might have before they become actual long-term problems that are pretty much impossible to resolve without starting over from scratch.

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