Hire A Business Coach, Mentor And Advisor To Help Your Business

Hire A Business Coach, Mentor And Advisor To Help Your Business

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Hello, and nice to meet you. In this article, I explain precisely how my business coaching and business mentoring services help you start and succeed with your business. Here is a brief video overview of how I help people with their businesses. To hire me, email me at alex.genadinik@gmail.com

Who Am I? Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer (SEO & Advanced Social Media), Business Coach

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a serial entrepreneur and the creator of the Problemio mobile apps for business which are some of the top business apps on iOS, Android and Kindle. The apps help people plan, start and grow their business. These are some of the leading mobile apps on iOS, Android, NOOK, and the Kindle to help people with their businesses. There are currently (April, 2014) 400,000 downloads of my apps.

I provide personal business assistance on the paid apps. Over time, through the apps and my coaching practice, I have coached and helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs with various aspects of their business.

I am also an author of two business books, creator of online business courses, and host of a popular business channel on YouTube. Links to all these are below in this article.

We Examine Your Business Together

Let’s get into how we would work together. Typically, when first-time entrepreneurs come to me, they think that their business ideas are great. But with my experience, right away, I am able to see many flaws and blind spots. So immediately, we begin working on your business strategy and refining it to have a better plan.

We Fix Flaws And Work On Your Business Model And Your Business Plan

My intent is to make sure that you end up with a great business model. The term “business model” is one that is often used incorrectly. So here is a quick video on what exactly is a business model.

Once we create a great business model for your business, what is the foundation for having a great business plan. So writing a business plan from this point becomes simple. And the quality of the business plan is quite good. Here is a video explaining what I aim for when I create a business plan for my businesses, or for someone else’s business.

We Create A Plan To Get Your Business Started

While solid business plans are very important, my goal is to get you started with your actual business. So once we work out a solid business model for your business, we will focus on for to start your business. And keep in mind, part of a solid business model is that you will be able to start and execute this business.

We Create A Marketing Strategy For Your Business

We will also create a great marketing plan for your business so that once you get started with your business, we will have great ways to promote your business so that you can begin getting clients.

We Work Together Over Time

As you start and grow your business, there will be challenges and uncertainties along the way. So we can touch base every 2-4 weeks to discuss the challenges you are facing at that point, and how to get around those challenges.

Contact Me & My Rate

I have a flat fee of $60/hour which is a very reasonable price for this type of a service, and the quality I provide.

To get started, simply email me at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com and let me know what kind of help you need for your business.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program

Many people have been inquiring about affiliate marketing and generating passive income online. I am not one of those people who will tell you that it is easy and you will make millions. Instead, I created a full affiliate marketing coaching package which includes one on one time with me, my books and courses, lots of educational materials, choosing a niche for you, and even setting up your website to help you get started. Here is the page to learn how how and why you should hire me as your affiliate marketing coach.

Business And Marketing Resources You Can Use Without Me

In addition to my business coaching, I offer a number of free and affordable resources that you can use on your own to start and grow your business. I offer 8 online courses, multiple mobile business apps to get help on the go, and two books to help you with marketing and starting your business. In addition, I have over 300 business tutorials on YouTube, and post at least one new video every day.

My business courses cover topics like business ideas, fundraising, business planning, social media marketing, and a number of other topics that are vital as you start and grow your business. Here is the link to all my online business courses.

My mobile business apps cover four general topics: business ideas, business planning, marketing, and raising money. Here is a link to learn more about my mobile business apps.

My books cover two topics. The first book is about going from business ideas to starting a business. Here is the link to the business book. My other book is a marketing book that teaches you how to get tremendous exposure for your business. The strategies I teach are effective strategies that I myself have used. In fact, the book explains how I reached 1 million people with my business, and show you how you can use my techniques and strategies for your business. Here is the marketing strategy book.

And as far as free resources, please feel welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I have 300+ business tutorials on just about every business topic.

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