How to get grants and funds for starting your business

How to get grants and funds for starting your business

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So you have decided to start your own business, remember that this means dedicating yourself and all your resources to your goals. But the question is, how to find the money you need for starting your business.

How much do you need?

The first question you need to answer is, “how much money do you need to start your business?”. For answering this question you must first determine the answer to these questions:

  1. Does your business need employees when you want to start?
  2. Do you need money for acquiring products?
  3. Do you need an office?
  4. Do you need a website?
  5. How much do you need for your office devices? , and the most important question
  6. How long does it take until you make a profit

If you have the answer to all these questions, now you can determine the exact cost of starting your new business.

What kind of grant suits you the best

After you determine the exact amount of money you need, you can better understand what kind of grant suits you the best. There are a lot of options available for you to choose from depending on your business size and needs.

Regional grants

It’s been about two years since the pandemic started and caused businesses all over the world to suffer. A lot of regional authorities have created grants to support their local businesses in times of this pandemic. An example of such a grant is the Tamaki Makaurau grant in New Zealand, aimed at small businesses who want to digitize their SMEs.

You can find a lot of these grants by searching on Google or asking your local authorities.


If you want to start a non-profit business it might be easier for you to get grants. There are several ways to gain support for your non-profit organization that we do not cover in this article, but one of those ways is to apply for a grant.

There are a lot of funding opportunities for non-profit organizations and a lot of grants are available to them worldwide. 


There are a lot of options for minorities to apply for grants within their region. The support for minority owned businesses is growing and both governments and third party companies are providing grants for such businesses.

You can search on google for “business grant for minorities [in your area]” to find such grants.


If your business is built around a cause such as using recycled products or focuses on an environmental problem, you can use this cause as a leverage to find grants for your business.

If you want to look for such grants you can search through google by using the keyword “grants for [your cause] businesses”. Or for example you can search for “grants for green businesses.

It may be hard to be accepted for such grants and you must meet certain criteria.


If you are planning to start a startup business, there are a lot of grant programs for you.

Keep in mind that some of these grants may not be enough to fund your startup but you can use a combination of these grants to fund your business.


If you are still in doubt about what grants fit you the best or about how to find a grant that is suitable for you, you may want to consider asking a professional to help you with this.

There are a lot of agencies who help businesses find the grants they are looking for.

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