How to make your mobile app (iPhone Android) or product go viral with social sharing and invites

How to make your mobile app (iPhone Android) or product go viral with social sharing and invites

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In this tutorial, I explain how to make your mobile iPhone or Android app go viral with social sharing.

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Social sharing is extremely important when it comes to mobile app marketing. Savvy mobile app developers build social sharing and social invites right into the usability of their apps to help their apps naturally go viral. Let me explain how this works.

The kind of features you want to add to your app are ones where the app experience becomes better if your users use the app together with friends. If there is something in it for them, your users will be more likely to share your app, invite friends, and make the app more viral in the process.

The app can become better for people if you give them extra points if it is a game or more credits if it is some kind of an app where there are in-app purchases.

Also, think of apps like WordsWithFriends. The app becomes immediately better if people invite friends. And guess what happens when you are waiting for someone else’s turn? You get bored and invite another friend, and another one after that. This way one person can make the app very viral by inviting many friends to download your app.

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