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First, check out this funny SEO video:

SEO marketing is essential for all business in today’s global economy, especially for those whose products or services cater to smaller, specialized markets. Since the customer base for  a company selling transformers, for example, is smaller than that for clothing retailers or other items with universal appeal, businesses selling such specialized items must look for potential customers all over the world, and must find out how to reach the specific customers that might be interested in their products. Since the goal of any marketing effort is not only more traffic, but more conversions, SEO marketing for producers of specialized products need to learn as much as possible about the search patterns of those who are in the market for what they are offering.

The first step in SEO for businesses in specialized markets is keyword research. Starting with a list of the specific products you sell, try those keywords and see what results you get. If your competitors’ names appear, you know you are on the right track. Start with general keywords, like appliance, for example, and then start thinking of more specialized terms that may describe a service or product that you offer, but your competitors do not. Do you repair  or fabricate parts for older appliances? Perhaps you service unusual brands. Make sure you include both general and specific keywords. Very specific keywords may not be searched often, but they tend to be searched by motivated individuals who are definitely in the market for a specific product. Reaching these motivated buyers will increase your conversions when those buyers visit your site.

When researching keywords in specialized markets it is important to remember that you are trying to reach a global market. Consider whether a customer in Europe, Canada, or elsewhere uses different terms for  the products you are selling, or whether the spelling of certain terms varies.

Once you have determined which keywords have the potential to reach the specialized customers you are trying to attract, you can begin incorporating those keywords into your website as much as possible. You may also increase the presence of certain keywords by incorporating a blog into your site. Regularly posted blog articles will increase your businesses’ online presence and thus help move your business to the top when a potential customer is searching for a product. Blog articles will also allow your customers to learn more about new products. Guest posts, paid ads on carefully selected third-party sites, and social media posts are all tools that can be used for SEO.

SEO marketing agencies can help with keyword research and with strategies for maximizing your business’ online footprint, but marketing for a specialized customer base is different from general SEO marketing. The best agencies will work with you to learn about your product, who your potential customers might be, and where those customers might be found. Make sure the SEO marketer you choose is willing to take the time to learn what unique products you offer that your competitors may not have, or the ways in which your manufacturing process is superior to your competitors’.

Even though the market for your product or service may be a smaller pie than, say, the market for women’s clothing, with some focused SEO strategies you can ensure that your piece of that pie is as large as possible.

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