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Business Psychology Tips: 6 Psychological Issues To Consider When Starting a Business

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After seeing well over 100,000 entrepreneurs on my business plan app I want to share some observations about the common business psychology issues related to starting and building a business that I have been observing. In this article I share business psychology ideas, tips and strategies for dealing with various nuances that come up when starting or growing a business. Additionally, after the apps had over 300,000 people, I took every question that entrepreneurs ever asked on those apps, and answered it in a book. If you are interested in learning more about that book, here is the link to learn more about it. If reading a book isn’t your favorite thing, I also made a video-based online course addressing the issues that entrepreneurs asked me about. So if you are starting a business, chances are that many of the challenges or questions you have now, or will have in the future, are addressed in the course. Here is the link to learn about the course (with a coupon code for a big discount).
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