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How and where to create a cheap but good logo: 99Designs vs Fiverr vs LogoGarden

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In this video tutorial I explain where you can get a good and cheap logo created for your business. The cheapest way to get a logo is on where you can literally get a logo created for you for $5. I should note that the cheapest way is if you can get your logo made for you for free by friends or family if they can do design work. So if you know any designers, you can just ask them for a favor, and they will create a logo for you for free as a favor. If you can’t get a logo done this way, Fiverr will be your next best strategy in terms of a combination of cheapest price and best quality.

The next best place to have a logo created is which is a website that has been around for quite a while. It is much older than Fiverr and before Fiverr came along, this was regarded as a cheap place to have a logo created. Now $99 seems like a much more expensive option to have a logo created than Fiverr where you can get nearly the same service for just $5.

Another option you have to create a logo for your business is which is a site that I have not personally used, but did hear good things about. If you try LogoGarden, let me know what you think about it, and post your thoughts right in the comments of this video.

If you have good or bad experiences with any of the four options I discuss in the video, please post your experiences in the comments of this video so that everyone else can learn from you about some of the better techniques for creating a logo.

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Business plan & start: Why a mall kiosk is a good business & How to open a kiosk in a mall

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In this video tutorial I discuss why opening a kiosk in a mall or a busy area is a good business. I discuss important elements of a kiosk business plan, and how to open a kiosk in a mall.

The reason this is a good business is that you get most of the benefits of having a lot of foot traffic around your area of business. Much of that foot traffic will stop to check out your products or services. So your marketing is taken care of. And you pay orders of magnitude less for that same marketing than the stores in that mall have to pay because the rent or lease for a kiosk is much cheaper. The only difference is that the bigger stores have a larger storefront from which to advertise and post marketing displays.

Another advantage that kiosks have over other kinds of brick and mortar businesses is that you can try different kinds of businesses over time. If, for example, you try a business and it doesn’t work out, you can easily re-brand and try selling something else. It isn’t the greatest thing to happen but if you need to do something like that, you can. And the bigger stores can’t do that as easily.

Another advantage of opening a kiosk is that it gives you a physical location for your business. You can use that physical location to do many kinds of online marketing for local search and in Google that only businesses with a physical location can do.

If you are looking to start a business, and want a low-risk strategy, think about opening a kiosk. It is a combination of some of the best strategies for different kinds of businesses and it is also very flexible.

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Link building: How to get good and relevant links (backlinks) to your website for SEO

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In this video tutorial I explain how to get good and relevant backlinks (or simply just links) from other reputable and authoritative sites to your site. Many people hire agencies to help them with link building (or spelled linkbuilding?), but it isn’t necessary. If you simply follow my advice in this video tutorial you will have all the good links to your website that you need for SEO, and your site should start ranking well shortly after.

In this tutorial I teach you to get high quality good backlinks in three ways. The first is through HARO. I personally got many links for SEO through HARO. The second strategy is through and lastly the third strategy is all about social media sharing. If you put a significant effort into these three strategies, you will get many good links for SEO, and you won’t need to hire any agency to do this for you. In fact you may have better SEO results than if you hired an agency to do your linkbuilding for SEO because you would not know what kinds of techniques they would be using to get links. And if you do these strategies, you will know that your link building methods are legitimate, and you have no chance of having your website penalized for building bad links.

Another strategy to get backlinks for SEO is an older one, but one that still works. It is called link begging. And it is pretty much how it sounds. You must identify relevant websites and blogs that link out, and send them emails asking to link to you or to review your product (which would include a link). The success rate of this strategy is about 3-5%, but it is a free brute force way to get links for SEO.

Full SEO Tutorial

Check out this complete search engine optimization tutorial to get many advanced tips on how to rank your content in Google.

Here is the link to my main search engine optimization tutorial and if you are interested, check out my full marketing course on how to reach 1,000,000 people. If you prefer reading rather than watching video-based courses, I also wrote a book on marketing strategies I used to reach 1,000,000 people.

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How to make better business decisions and avoid stress by having an abundance mentality

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In this video tutorial I explain how to avoid making business decisions and make better decisions in life and in business by adapting a specific mindset known as the abundance mentality. When you have an abundance mentality, you will be less likely to make bad decisions due to stress and pressure.

Entrepreneurship is very stressful. There are many pressures. There is never enough money or resources to accomplish everything you need to do. There is never enough time. There are many competitors trying to steal your market share. The number of stressors are endless. Stress isn’t just unhealthy for you, but is can cause you to cower up, and make hurried, pressured and bad decisions. And guess what, making bad decisions will only add more stress down the line. What you need to do is to avoid stress.

The way you can avoid stress is by adopting the abundance mentality. Let me give you an example of how it would work.

If you are trying to hire a software engineer, or get a client that would really help you, you might feel pressure because if these things don’t work out, your business will be far worse off than it would be otherwise. Since you might feel this lack of abundance, it might feel like this engineer or potential sale are your only options. This mindset will cause you to be desperate. And you will make decisions out of desperation which will control how you carry yourself and how you negotiate.

On the other hand, if you had a mentality of abundance, you would not be as pressured or stressed, and you would be more patient until the right opportunity came along. And that can make all the difference in your business. The abundance mentality would be you believing that if things don’t work out with a particular hire or a business deal, that isn’t too much of a problem because another one would come along soon.

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Inbound marketing using SEO content & social media to drive traffic and get your pages discovered

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In this video tutorial I explain what is inbound marketing, and how you can use it in the marketing efforts of your business by leveraging content that you create for SEO and social media to help you drive traffic to your site and get potential clients to discover your website, and content. And through that content people will discover the products or services you are selling.

Inbound marketing is essentially the process of creating and sharing content of others to get people to discover that content, and in the process discover your business, and hopefully become a client.

The process seems simple, but it requires the ability to create and promote quality content, good sales copywriting and being able to convert visitors into clients. It is difficult to get it right.

I hope this article on inbound marketing helps you drive more traffic and get clients.

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Difference in advertising on Facebook vs. LinkedIn ads vs. Google Adwords & YouTube. Which is best?

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In this video tutorial I explain the difference between paying to advertise on Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and on YouTube. These are all potentially good places to advertise, and it is often difficult to determine where to spend money advertising. In this tutorial I explain the differences between all these ways to advertise so you no longer have to wonder about it.

The oldest and most established way to advertise is Google Adwords. The strength of Google Adwords is that it knows what people want exactly at the time when they want it because they are typing exactly that when they are searching things in Google. The timing aspect of Google Adwords is what makes it so incredibly strong. The problem with Google Adwords is that clicks from it are pretty expensive.

The newest member of this group is Facebook with their Facebook ads program. Facebook doesn’t have a sense of timing like Google Adwords does, but it can target by demographics, psychographics, spending habits and much more. Clicks from Facebook are also typically cheaper than from Google Adwords. Facebook ads can also positively influence SEO if you target engagement with some of your posts since their ads work on a bidding system and the platform is very crowded with bidders.

LinkedIn advertising can work for many kinds of industries. The problem with LinkedIn advertising is that their clicks are the most expensive, at times easily doubling Facebook’s cost per click, and even Google’s.

Facebook advertising is the new kid on the block. Facebook can be great because they know the most about their users. Facebook knows people likes, interests, hobbies, and the kinds of things they browse and click on. As a marketer, you can leverage that to reach your precise target audience with the least amount of randomness or error.

Lastly, YouTube advertising is very interesting. It is somewhat unlike all the other advertising platforms. You can get a video viewed for pennies per view, which means that you aren’t paying for clicks, but rather exposure on the YouTube platform that may get eventual clicks. It is a good way to build your brand and if you can make a video that sells something, it is very easy and affordable to have that video seen by many people.

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How to write a business plan for a bar & how to open a bar

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In this video tutorial I explain how to write a business plan for a bar, and then how to open the bar that you dream about opening. Many people dream of opening a bar, but it is a difficult business because it requires quite a bit of capital, years of hard work on it, many licenses and permits, and much more. Long story short, it is very difficult to open a successful bar. In this video I explain the difficult and necessary steps.

The first thing you need to do when you write a business plan for a bar is to create a cash flow statement. The cash flow statement for your bar will help you keep track of the expenses you will incur as you open the bar. Many people don’t realize this, but it can take up to a year to open a bar because you need so many licenses and permits, and are dependent on how your local city gives out liquor licenses and things like that.  In some areas it is much more challenging to get a liquor license than others.

Once you understand how much money and time will be needed to open a bar, you should consider whether this is something that you want to do long term. It takes many years to create a successful bar. Do you really want to be doing this for that long?

As you work towards obtaining everything you need to open your bar, one of the things you will come up against the most is raising the money needed to start this business. It can be a very expensive kind of a business to start. Will you get a loan, dip into your savings, or find investors? That is something you need to solve early on, or there isn’t much use in doing most other things because without enough money the dream of opening a bar won’t come to fruition.

Another thing to consider when opening a bar is the concept behind the bar. Will there be a unique angle to the bar? Will it be all about sports? Will it be a neighborhood community type of place? Will it drawn an educated and artsy crowd? All these have different costs associated with them due to equipment and remodeling that is necessary.


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Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates) pros and cons. Is it a good affiliate program?

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In this video tutorial I explain the pros and cons of the Amazon affiliate program which is also known as Amazon Associates. The Amazon associates affiliate program is the oldest and most reputable ecommerce affiliate program on the web. They are certainly a very important one, and a benchmark for all the other affiliate programs around the web to be measured against.

Even though the Amazon affiliate program is one of the most reputable and trusted one by consumers and sellers alike, it does have a few flaws that prevent it from being seen as the best on the web overall. The main problem is that people aren’t generally able to make much money with it because the commissions tend to be quite low.

The commissions range from 4-10% which isn’t much. Another problem with the Amazon associates affiliate program is that the affiliate cookie duration is only 24 hours. That is very low. People rarely buy expensive items within 24 hours of looking them up. That means that this program is best suited for inexpensive purchases that are more impulse buys or things that the consumer already know they need. This is problematic because it makes it very difficult to generate good money from sales. Another problem with the Amazon affiliate program is that there is no CPA (cost per action) offers. The only offers are to sell products which is not flexible at all.

Some good things about the Amazon associates affiliate program is that it is trusted. People are more likely to buy from Amazon than most other sites because it is a truly trusted brand. Another advantage of this program is that the commission a publisher gets isn’t just for the product that they promoted. The commission a publisher gets is for the entire purchase. So if you sell a small product, but the customers fills their shopping cart with expensive items, you get commission on the entire purchase.

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How to make money on Fiverr! 10 strategies to make money on Fiverr!

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In this video tutorial I present 10 ways to make money on Fiverr. Fiverr is a great website that I personally use to make some extra cash. I don’t invest in it too much, but I do make a few hundred bucks from it every month, and get a few additional benefits from it like meeting other entrepreneurs who then help me out in additional ways.

In this video tutorial I explain how you can use Fiverr to make money. In fact I present 10 ways you can make money. Let me list them here for you (at least some of them). I will only list a few strategies here because I want you to watch the full video of course.

The first way to make money on Fiverr is the arbitrage business model. All you have to do is sell any service that is sold on fiverr for a more expensive price anywhere else on the web. Once you sell that service, just get it done for $5 on Fiverr and keep the difference. That has been one of people’s favorite strategies to make money on Fiverr because you can create a real business out of this strategy alone.

The next strategies have to do with popular kinds of gigs. For some reason voiceover gigs are very popular on Fiverr. Similar to voiceover gigs, another popular kind of gig has is design. If you can do Photoshop work or design work, you can make good money on Fiverr.

Another great strategy to make extra money on Fiverr is to suggest to people to leave you a tip when you close gigs that you completed for them. But only suggest that when people had a fantastic experience with you. If you suggest that to people who aren’t too happy with your gig, they might get irritated and leave a bad review.

Another strategy to make money on Fiverr is to sell coaching services. Coaching services are great because they occur on a regular basis, and you can make good money from a single customer.

50 Strategies And Websites To Make Money Online

Check out this full video tutorial on 50 different strategies and websites to make money online. If you liked this Fiverr tutorial, you will love this one with 50 tips because Fiverr is just one strategy in this tutorial, with 49 additional ones.

And here is a full affiliate marketing tutorial that will explain how you can use affiliate marketing to make money online.

Do You Need To Set Up Your Website?

If you need to set up a website to give yourself a full presence on the web, you can easily do that with WordPress, and even get a free domain name. Here is a tutorial on how to get a free domain name when you buy hosting.

And here is a tutorial for how to create your WordPress website in about a day, on your own, and just about for free.


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How to do Facebook paid advertising to sell products

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In this tutorial I explain how to set up a Facebook paid advertising campaign in order to sell products. The first thing you want to do is to funnel people to whatever site you sell from. That can be an Amazon page, your own website, or anywhere else from where you sell. That means that in this scenario, you don’t care a whole lot about likes, comments or engagement. What you want is to get people to click on your ads in order to then land on your sales page.

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For that reason, you choose the option in the Facebook ads manager to get clicks. Once you choose to get clicks, you should then be very careful and precise about how you target people. You should know exactly the kind of person you want to target with your advertising. Facebook provides the richest set of ways by which to target your potential customers with Facebook ads. You can choose to target people by demographics, psychographics, interests, shopping habits, and more.

If you target your potential customers by the right demographics, interests and psychographics, and sell them a product that is something that sells well, you should be able to generate many sales with paid Facebook advertising which will help you to not need to rely on their free marketing as much as most people do.

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