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Marketing for lawyers to promote a law firm or an individual legal practice

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I was recently talking to Joseph Mitchell who is a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, and I decided to create blog post with a few tips on how to promote a law firm or an individual legal practice for a lawyer.

One of the first topics of conversation when discussing marketing for a lawyer or a law firm is to focus on Google SEO for their website. And that is a fair thing to do since ranking in Google for search terms like personal lawyer in whatever city name that the lawyer is in, can bring in many customers from Google search.

But the SEO marketing conversation really shouldn’t stop there. One of my favorite things to do is to try to completely dominate the Google top-10 results by having my listings on other sites rank in the Google top 10.

For example, sometimes YouTube videos show up in Google search results, sometimes Yelp listings show up in search results, sometimes Amazon listings show up in search results, and sometimes listings from a slew of other authoritative sites. Here is my tutorial on YouTube on how to dominate the Google top 10 search results with as many listings of your own as possible.

Some additional marketing strategies I would use if I was a lawyer promoting my practice is, of course, networking and business card marketing, possibly some display billboard marketing (although unlike just about all the other marketing strategies I advise on where I personally have extensive experience, I don’t have much experience doing billboard marketing). I would also slowly grow my presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to brand yourself online for instances when people will be doing research about you. Additionally, I’d ask many friends and past clients to give me reviews on Yelp and LinkedIn.


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College Admission Essay Help

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I recently had the pleasure to meet with Chris Hunt who runs a college essay help website called through which he provides mentoring and coaching to high school students who are working on their college essays and are hoping that a top flight essay will help them get into a college of their choice.

This is a service that is great for many top students who are competing to get into some of the most competitive universities in the country, and gives them a tremendous edge over other students competing to get admitted into the same universities.

I had a chance to ask Chris about his business, and why he started it. He talked about his passion to help the brightest young minds in the country, and how his service gets doors open to them. That chance to make a difference for America’s movers and shakers of tomorrow is what prompted Chris to start this business.

So if you have a child who is in high school, and your family is wondering how to get the edge over other kids, the college essay is one of those things. According to Chris, all the students he helped ended up getting into the colleges of their choice.

Check out his website and his service and see whether it is right for you.  And if you are a writer, think about this kind of a business as a possible business choice for you to generate more income for yourself through your writing.

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