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Digital Downloads: Is It Still A Lucrative Market?

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Thanks to higher Internet speeds, it’s now possible for many of us to download large files in seconds. For instance, we could get anything from an e-book to a new game without waiting several hours for it! As you can imagine, there has been tremendous growth in the digital download industry.

But, is this a trend that is likely to continue? And will it continue to be a lucrative enterprise? In short, the answer is yes. Let me explain some of the reasons why digital download will continue to skyrocket in the future:

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People demand convenience

It’s no secret that we live in a society that craves convenience. Gamers, for example, don’t want to buy the latest titles in a store. They want to download it at any time onto their computer. The same thing goes for music lovers and those that want to watch films on demand.

The Internet’s evolution is a constant and speedy one. Today, our mobile phones can download at speeds similar to ADSL broadband connections. And, in our homes, many of us enjoy fiber Internet connectivity.

One of the main reasons the digital downloads industry won’t die out is because it’s always in demand. Delayed gratification is now a thing of the past; it would seem!

Some downloaders want speed, privacy, and security

Many people spend a lot of time downloading content over the Internet. The trouble is their ISPs limit or “throttle” their download speeds. They do so by sensing the types of connections they make to the Internet.

Rather than give up downloading content, each person might download via a fast seedbox. They could even combine that with a VPN connection to bypass speed restrictions set by their ISPs. As you can imagine, there is still a lucrative market for such online services.

It helps increase productivity in business

You might think the digital download market is only profitable because of home users. But, it might surprise you to learn that the market is widely used by the business world!

Employees and company bosses can download content at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter whether that content is on a cloud server or an application vendor’s site. Digital downloads make it possible to increase productivity and efficiency in business.

Internet users can buy things cheaper if they download them

Thanks to digital downloads, consumers can buy the media they want at reduced prices. That’s because it’s cheaper to make software, games, movies and music available for download. There are no expensive packaging or distribution costs that get passed to consumers.

Plus, those waiting for something new to get released can usually get it first if they download it. Otherwise, they could end up waiting days or weeks for items in retail stores!

Final thoughts

There is no sign of any slowdown when it comes to the digital downloads industry. As more of us get faster Internet access, we can take advantage of online streaming and downloads. Setting up a digital download service is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable things to do today!

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Ways Your Business Can Communicate Better with Customers

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Your customers are the most important thing to your business. Without them, your business wouldn’t even exist. Therefore, you need to think about what you can do for them. Offering the best service is largely about how you communicate with your customers. So, you should challenge yourself to communicate better with customers and keep them happy. Here are some ways in which you can improve your external communication operations.

Use the Best Equipment

The equipment you use to communicate with customers will have a big impact. Your employees will find it so much easier to communicate with customers effectively when they have the right tools. Start by getting a good business phone service; this will give you all the options required in an office environment. You should also make sure that you use the best email platforms that allow employees to see and respond to emails from customers rapidly. Giving them headsets to use when answering calls from customers is a good idea too. They speed things up and make communicating easier.


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Give Employees Proper Training

Not everyone has the instinctual ability to talk to others on the phone, especially in a business context. Some people are simply not very good at talking to customers. But those employees are going to be acting as representatives of your business when talking to customers. If they don’t come across well and can’t help the customers in a positive way, that customer might not come back. That’s why you should give all employees proper training when you first hire them. This will give them the skills and abilities they will need to talk to customers in the correct and helpful way.

Make Data and Detail Sharing Easier

Quite often, when you are communicating with a customer, it will be about a purchase they made. Sometimes, they might want to report a problem or ask a question. Of course, you have many customers, so you will need to keep a record of sales. If you do this, you can then access data and find out about the purchase that was made. Your employees should have networks and systems that allow them to share data and purchase details quickly in the office. This removes the need to put the customer on hold while you waste time digging for the relevant information. Customers hate having to wait on the phone for you.

Respond on the Phone When Possible

If a customer gets in contact with you, you should try to respond on the phone if you can. This is the most direct and personal way of communicating with customers. It allows them to speak to a real human rather than just get an impersonal email from a faceless employee. Problems and concerns can often be sorted out much quicker when you are able to discuss them over the phone too. Sorting problems out quickly is always important for customers. You should also make sure that there is always someone, or more than one person, on hand to answer the phone when it rings.


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Before You Develop an App: Essential Things to Ponder

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Developing an app is now a common move for businesses to make. They see that having a mobile app could benefit their company, or even become their business. Apps can be used to help market a product. They can give customers a better user experience, and make a company more interactive. However, creating a brand new app isn’t something you can do in a heartbeat. You have to take some important considerations into account if you want to be successful. Anyone who wants to develop an app needs to think about its purpose and how they’re going to ensure they use their money wisely. They need to get people not just to download it, but to use it and recommend it too.


Firstly, it’s essential for any company to think about why they are making an app. Don’t just create one because you think it’s the done thing to do. There’s no point going to the time and effort to build an app if no one is interested in it. Are your customers asking for an app? Can you see a clear benefit to your company if you release one? Your app can be a marketing tool and make your product or service more mobile. It could help you improve your customer experience and even increase sales. However, just because there are potential benefits, it doesn’t make them guaranteed.

Credit: Azam7890


Before developing an app, it’s essential to think about which platform to use. Your two primary choices are Apple’s iOS or Android. Eventually, you might want a version of your app on each platform. However, when you’re testing your app, you probably don’t want to go that far straight away. When you’re trying to decide which platform to use, there are several things to take into account. One is, of course, which platform most of your customers use. However, you also need to consider the inherent pros and cons of each platform. iOS is secure with great development tools, while Android is more open with a broad reach to a variety of devices.


Security is vital for your new app. If it doesn’t protect both you and its users, you might as well not bother. You need to keep security in mind at every stage of the development, from selecting a platform to completion. You can find tips on security in any mobile app guide, which will help you understand the unique problems you could face. Mobile security is a big deal for businesses. People often connect to unsecured networks. They rarely keep their phone or tablet as secure as their computer.

Testing and Analysis

It’s important not to release an app into the world without ensuring it’s going to work. Testing your app is essential, and analyzing its success needs to be a priority too. You need to decide how you’re going to test your app and monitor its usage once it’s released.

A mobile app could be a huge benefit to your business. However, you need to think carefully about your plan before going ahead.

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Here’s Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start An Online News Business

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The thought of starting a news website is something that has crossed most people’s minds at one stage or another. Let’s face it; writing about the things you love is a pretty enjoyable way to make a living. Moreover, it has the potential to offer fantastic financial rewards too.

What’s more, this is the perfect timing for launching that dream. Here are just five reasons why:

Financial Possibilities

Let’s face it; money is one of the chief factors behind any business operation. It’s always been possible to earn money through news style websites, but it’s now more common than ever. We’ve all seen the inspirational stories of entrepreneurs that have made it big. And you can be next.

You won’t challenge the major corporations for breaking news features. But by finding your niche, there’s no reason that you can’t achieve great things.

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Growing Audience

Those increased opportunities are largely down to growing internet audience figures. Over the past 20 years, online access has continued to grow. Not only can more people get online, but they can spend more time interacting with their favourite websites too.

The evolution of mobile users has only taken those sentiments to the next level. With so many people online, even niche areas can build huge audiences. And once you have a large audience, you can earn big money and provide an even greater service.

Starting Is Easy

Everyone appreciates the importance of first impressions, especially online. It wasn’t that long ago that you either needed the skills or a huge bank balance to produce a quality website. Nowadays, though, web development is more accessible than ever. And with an easier startup, you’ll have a greater chance of making money far sooner too.

Meanwhile, if you need extra writers, you can find them on freelance sites. Essentially, managing the fundamentals of the scheme has never been simpler. It still requires a lot of work, but your passion for the job should mean that this isn’t a problem.

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More Ways To Making Money

We already know that there are people out there that have made big money from this type of venture. However, it’s equally important to think about the methods used. Making money through advertising is still a fantastic foundation. Nevertheless, there are plenty of supplementary items to help increase your overall revenue.

Whether it’s selling products, guest writing on other sites, or using affiliate links doesn’t matter. If it allows you to earn more money, it has to be a step in the right direction.

The Evolution Of Social Media

To make money from the internet, you need your website to attract a lot of traffic. Thanks to the growth of social media, news styled sites can achieve this with far greater authority. Automatically posting content to Facebook and Twitter can allow it to go viral, which will bring a sharp increase in readership.

Ultimately, readers are your customers. Use these platforms to get them interacting with the business too, and you really can’t go wrong.

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Marketing Hints Every New Start Up Business Should Consider

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Starting a new business is an exciting journey for any entrepreneur. But, without the right marketing strategies, it will be difficult to shine through the crowd. With the internet being such a powerful tool. More people are reaching out to potential businesses through Google searches. Or taking recommendations from their friends Facebook pages. So it’s vital to strike while the iron is hot when it comes to marketing your new start up business. With that in mind here are a few hints and tips that might guide you on your journey.



Making more of your local community

For some businesses, it’s important to have a strong online presence to appeal to the masses. But what many small “start up” business owners forget is the power of the local community. It’s important to establish your presence there. To be the “go to” company for the product and service you provide. There is a trend returning that see’s many customers going back to the local shops and businesses. To support small start ups just like yourself. So take advantage of that.

Strategising with social media updates

There is no hiding from the fact that social media can get your business seen and heard. So it’s vital to make strategies to support your business while taking full advantage of these platforms. They can get your business in front of potential new customers. All by having an interactive post or status update. Even utilizing some of the smaller platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. This could provide you with huge advantages against your competitors. Try and be innovative with your online presence to stand out.

Consider outsourcing marketing procedures

Sometimes it’s vital to outsource things. Marketing is something that requires full on attention so you never miss an opportunity. This is why considering services from companies offering Marketing Automation Software could help.



Consider associations with charities

Charities are a great way to market your business. This is because you both end up helping each other out. You can provide sponsorship and coverage for the charity, while the charity can put your business on the radar who may not have been aware. It’s even better to support a local charity as this helps within your community.

Have an easy to use website

We can’t hide from the fact that a lot is done online these days or via smartphone apps. This is why it’s essential to make sure you have an easy to use website that is mobile friendly. There are records to state that people will lose interest in business if they can’t function their website.

Engage with customers as much as possible

With the power of social media, you can now engage with your customers in real time. This humanises your business and makes it feel more personable. Even some of the bigger corporations take to their Facebook to make light of situations.

Make your employees your brand ambassadors

Finally, don’t forget that you have brand ambassadors already working for you. Word of mouth is still a huge advantage to many businesses. So take advantage of that.

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Does Your Website Tick All The Right Boxes?

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Let’s think for a moment about what a business website is. If you’re running your business online, the website is nothing short of the heart of your company. It’s where changes to your business will develop and be introduced to customers. It’s how information and updates will be released that relate directly to consumers and industry as a whole. It’s also the main source that customers look at when they judge your company.

As well as that, your website is the biggest free marketing platform that you have access to. You can use your business website to promote your company in new and exciting ways. Remember, when customers click on the site, they might not have decided to buy just yet. They can, however, be persuaded to with a great marketing push that they simply can’t refuse.

So, we have marketing, and we have the heart of your company. What other purposes and functions does your website have? Well, it certainly affects SEO. You need to implement search engine optimization on your website if you want it at the top of the SERPs. Of course, you do want it there because this will allow you to attract the biggest number of customers to buy.

As you can see then, the website is a vital part of your business model. Due to this, we need to make sure that it’s being used effectively. Otherwise, it’s just a wasted opportunity at best and dead weight at worst. We can think about the design of your website first.

Site Design

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If you’re designing your website, you have to remember that the style you choose says a lot about your company. This is the reason why there are specialized web designers for different industries. For instance, medical sites often look clean, clear and almost technological. They may also use white shades to replicate the look and feel of a hospital. Somewhere clean that infection and illness are treated and eradicated. On the other hand, a website selling toys is typically going to be more colorful and vibrant. However, you need to remember that children are not the target customer, parents will be. As such children’s toy websites are also often plastered with sales and offers. They want to make sure that parents feel inclined to buy.

You can see then, that your target customer plays a big part in shaping the site design. You need to ensure that it appeals directly to them. If you use website design by SixtyMarketing or another business, they will ask you who you are trying to appeal to. You will then be able to make sure that the design is aimed directly at your target customer, whoever they may be.

Of course, there are certain aspects of the site design that are universal. It needs to be fast, easy to use and completely accessible. These days, it’s also vital that the website is mobile responsive. A mobile responsive design will shift and adapt depending on what device it’s viewed on. This is important as it’s unlikely that all of your customers will be using a laptop to look at your website. Some of them will have touchscreens while others will be using their mobile phones.

To make sure that your website is fast, you need to host it. Website hosting is available at a small cost and will guarantee that there is no delay during usage. Even seconds of delay loading your site could cause customers to opt for the services of your competition instead.

Attractive And Interesting

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You need to make sure that website is both attractive and interesting to consumers. Obviously, a great design covers this area to a certain extent. However, it’s not the full story. Imagine, if you clicked on a website and the design was beautiful, but there was no content. There would be no reason for a customer to stay on it. Therefore you do need to add some great content to different web pages. This will make your site a lot easier to navigate.

A lot of business owners make the mistake of overloading their site with content. You don’t want to do this because then your site looks overcrowded and it’s more difficult to use. Instead, keep your content up to a high quality and make sure it relates to your business. At the same time, though, you don’t want it all to feel like marketing. Some of the content should be introducing your business to the consumer. Make sure that they can see the individuals behind the company. Other content could be based on providing information that is interesting and valuable to them. If you’re worried about overloading your site, you can connect it to a separate blog. We’ll talk about connections a little further down.

Remember, your business site should not just be a wall of text. It needs to be visually appealing and dynamic. Therefore, you should be using pictures and images on your site as well. You can create marketing videos or, you can have a photo reel somewhere on your home page. If you do this, your site will already look better than most other business pages online.

Connected And Integrated

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Since your website is the heart of your business, it needs to be connected to different areas of your campaign. A good example is social media. Your customers should be able to view updates from social media on your site. You can do this by adding a widget to the page. It’s quick, easy and gives visitors instant updates from your company. You should also make sure that your social media profiles are linked back to your website. Share content and occasionally just link back to your site in posts. This will ensure that your profiles are generating steady traffic to your web pages. Remember, you can make these connections look by adding links into content. Customers will click on them without even realizing you are leading them to where they want to be.

For instance, content on your site can take them directly to your business blog. Here they will find more info about a product that you want them to buy.

Using this information you can keep the heart of your business healthy. It will keep pumping marketing to different areas of your company profile.

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Breaking Into The Hospitality Industry: How To Make Your Venture Stand Out From The Crowd!

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So you’ve decided to launch a startup in the hospitality industry, and you couldn’t be more excited. The only problem is that you’re struggling to know how to get your venture to stand out from the thousands of others on offer. It’s no secret that one of the most important things if you want your business to stand out, is uniqueness. However, knowing how to give your venture, whatever it may be, a unique twist, can be tricky. The good news is that we’ve got you covered, below is a list of all the best ways to make your startup stand out from the crowd. To find out more, read on.

Offer a service that no one else does

can try.jpg

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One of the best things you can do to make your startup stand out in the hospitality industry is offer a service that no one else does. Say, for example; you want to start a party bus company. The chances are there’s another one somewhere nearby. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be successful; you just need to find a way to make your services unique. Here you can read up all about the first steps to starting a party bus business, to help get your venture going. You can also research unique twists you could offer, such as giving each booking a free bottle of champagne. Get creative and you can ensure that your business, whatever it may be, stands out for all the right reasons.

Get creative with your advertising

How you advertise your business has a big impact on how successful it will be. If you want to ensure that your company gets noticed, you need to go above and beyond with your advertising. Don’t just opt for a basic package from a local marketing company, ask them for a unique campaign. The more different your marketing is compared to your competitor’s campaigns, the more your brand will stand out. For example, a social media stunt could be a good way to get your brand noticed, as these have proven to be highly effective.

Reward your customers in a different way


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When it comes to making a name for your business, how you reward your customers matters. Instead of offering the usual rewards, such as money off a booking after so many bookings, do something different. Perhaps you could give customers vouchers for an extreme activity after they’ve made a certain amount of bookings with you? Or maybe, you could do a deal with a local restaurant and treat them to a meal? Think outside of the box and your company will stand out for all the right reasons.

It can be hard to break into the hospitality industry, as the competition is fierce. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do. The most important thing in terms of being successful is finding simple ways to make your company stand out. The more your brand stands out, the better, as this will increase your chances of success.

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Fantastic Ways Your Startup Can Attract Press Interest

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When you start a business and open it on the market, you want the media and the press on your side. They have the power to make sure that customers and investors take notice of your new company. With their aid, your business will hit the ground running as soon as it is out of the gate. Better still, in most cases, they will help you for free. That means that you can save a fortune on marketing costs because the press will handle the promotion you need. Or, at the very least, give it that extra jolt of energy to ensure you attract the most attention.

Use Press Releases

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To make sure that you captivate the attention of the media, you can use PR distribution. With press release distribution, you can make sure that the media is always kept updated with information from your business. They will be eager to get this information and print it or release it online. They will do this because once you use PR distribution, your business looks professional. It looks as though you are an important player in the industry, and you’re making things easy for journalists. You’re giving them a source where they can get all the info for a story that they need. Due to this, they will be more likely to follow the stories that you present to them.

Stay Active On Social Media

Picture Via Flickr

Journalists and the press always check social media. They know, that if there is potential news, it will be generated by the public. In fact, it’s common these days for most news to be reported by random people online. Journalists pick it up and turn it into an official story. Before that happens, though, a lot of people have already heard about what’s happening. The media just ensure that the story goes viral and attracts everyone’s attention. That’s why you should always stay active on social media and be selective with what you release. You never know when you’ll be used as a source for a story or an example. A press outlet may even use your content to generate a full story. All you need to do is make sure that they have this option.

Attend Events

Pexels Photo

You should be attendings events with your business from business exhibitions to trade shows. These are the type of events that the press tend to cover. If you’re there, you can get some free publicity. If you are a local company, make sure that you are part of local meetings and events. You should be represented in different areas such as council meetings. You never know when a journalist will pop by and want a quote or source for a story. Remember, no publicity is bad publicity, and that’s true for anything. Just look at Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter what he says if it attracts press interest.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to capture the attention of the media. If you learn the tricks, you can guarantee your startup gets the most attention this year.

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Is Your Small Business Missing These Crucial Things?

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There are so many things to think about when you start up a new business. And you might be so focused on what you’re selling that problems and issues that could jeopardize your success don’t become evident until later on. Here are some of the things you could be potentially missing out on as a new small business.


Credit- Pexels

A Fast Loading, Professional Website

First and foremost, every business (big or small) needs a website. Even if you use social media or an e-commerce site to generate your actual sales, your website is your main ‘base’ which links to everything else. When a customer is researching your brand, they will want to see a professionally made website which loads quickly and contains all of the information they need. If you currently have a cheaply designed site (or worse, no site at all) this is something to rectify immediately. Paying a website designer is your best bet here, so you get a professional and high quality finish.

A Card Reader

As a business owner you will need to be able to accept card as a form of payment from your customers. A credit card reader allows you to take secure payments in person, and transforms your iPad or smartphone into a card machine. It allows your business to grow and expand and means you’re not missing out on potential customers. Even if you mainly do business online, this is still an important thing that you could be missing.

An App

Many small businesses have not yet taken advantage of an app, and are missing out on the amazing things it can do for a company. When you have an app installed on the phones of your customers you can quickly send them notifications of things like offers. They can get up your information, read your website or contact you with just a click. Plus a good app makes your business look professional and reliable. Investing in a good app sets you ahead of your competitors, and will lead to more sales and profit for you.

Accounting Software

Keeping books manually is time consuming (or expensive if you’re paying someone to do it). There’s an unavoidable element of human error too. Accounting software will make light work of this, and ensure your records and accounts are done quickly and efficiently. They allow you to keep tabs on your cash flow, invoices and profit/ loss which is important to know if you want your business to succeed. Accounting software helps you to compile your business information in a concise and manageable way. Spend some time researching different programs and find one you’re comfortable with.

Properly Run Social Media Accounts

It is now accepted that social media is a vital part of running a business, not just an added extra. Having a good social media following can also show new customers that your brand is reputable and give them confidence in ordering from you. As your business grows, it’s likely you will need to employ someone to take care of your social media accounts full time. There they will be able to share information, run advertising campaigns, connect with customers and quickly and easily address any comments or concerns. Social media helps to build your brand and get your name out there.


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