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Why You Need To Get Better Qualified

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If you had a hard time at school, the thought of doing some further qualifications can fill you with dread! Perhaps you left university vowing that you would never sit an exam again? Well, there is good news for you! The world of learning and education has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. The advent of online learning courses opened up the world of education to people who would never have accessed it before.

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Now that you can get qualified so easily in high-level subjects such as lean manufacturing all the way through to self-help course such as healthy eating, there is really no excuse not to join in the home-learning revolution. Here are some reasons why you need that new qualification if you in a full-time job in a workplace or if you work from home.

Your CV will look great!

The most impressive CVs are the ones that have a long list of qualifications on them but the dates of those qualifications are important too. If you have not engaged in any formal learning for the last five to ten years it can make you look a little stale. It indicates that you are no longer able to learn new skills and concepts and move with times.

If you have recently been awarded a qualification, however, it shows that you are committed to your career. It indicates that you are willing to put in the time and the effort to get the skills to do the job well. Future employers will be impressed by this. It shows that you are motivated, organized, can meet deadlines and that you are academically capable.

It can make up for a lack of experience

If you want to branch out into a new field, your lack of experience in the area can be a barrier. Bosses may be willing to overlook your lack of experience if you have a set of recent qualifications. It shows that you are knowledgeable about a certain subject and up to date with what is going on in the industry.

Many bosses value this very highly as this may be what they are looking for. They may have may other experienced workers who can show you the ropes once you are in the job.

A barrier to entry

You may not be able to apply for certain jobs if you do not have qualifications. Some professions are degree entry only and others require you to have a higher degree such as a masters degree. Others require vocational qualifications.

If you are not qualified, you are limiting the number of jobs that you can apply for.

You can earn more

More highly qualified people earn more! That is a basic fact. If you want to climb up the career ladder and earn the higher salaries you need to be qualified. If you don’t bother, you risk being overlooked when a promotion becomes available and you could get stuck in your job for ver.


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Healthy Daughters, Healthy Moms, Happy Feet

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If girls live in your home, the chances are good that dance is a hot topic. It’s all the rage with this young generation, and the same can be said for older generations. The success of Dancing with the Stars demonstrates this.

If the girls show little enthusiasm for dance currently, an urging may be in the calling. The benefits of dancing for the girls in your home should be taken into consideration, and then used as a motivating factor to encourage them to participate.

If they balk at first, the outfits should garner their attention. Some of the apparel designed for dance can be worn as the girls are “out and about”, adding an extra element to their sense of style.

We know that Mom needs her exercise. She also worries about the appearance of her feet, what lady doesn’t? For those of us who love to run, there are ways to protect our feet and get that necessary cardio workout.


Using That Kid Energy

Kids bouncing off the walls is commonplace. How to best channel that energy from the girls in your home can be challenging. I know, hello Captain Obvious!

Leading your girls to dancing is an exercise that will benefit them in more ways than physical well-being. Rebecca Lake offers up 4 benefits for kids in dance, and this applies for all age groups:

- Improvements in physical health

- Better social and communication skill sets

- Typically leads to higher grades

- Growth in self-esteem and confidence


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They may balk at the idea of taking up dance. Many times, this is due to fear. It’s understandable, as many kids have a fear of the unknown. However, most kids love to wear new clothes.

The creativity that is on display with the dance clothes that are available for girls is demonstrated from the shoes to the tops. The themes and the colors are sure to catch the eye of many. We want our girls to be happy and healthy, and dancewear can lead them to dancing.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Sharp

Running plays havoc on feet if precautions are not taken. We runners know the drill. Those well pedicured soles and toes can turn into blistered eyesores in short-order. The men in our life are not that concerned with the appearance of their feet. Us ladies, on the other hand, have to be.

If we want to wear flip-flops to the pool or those killer slingback heels that we have for that special night, what steps can be taken to protect our feet? In addition, will these steps help alleviate any unnecessary foot pain?

Fara Rosenzweig is an accomplished certified personal trainer, and she offers 4 tips to healthier feet for runners:

- Picking the right shoes

- Going with style and support

- Keep the extra-high heels for special occasions

- Foot massages

So, as you are working on your cardio and leg muscles, your feet can look and feel their best.


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Stretching That Startup Business Budget

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Every business, no matter its size, has some form of budget. And the budgets in place on startups are, quite rightly, the smallest. Either their lack of pedigree hasn’t induced enough confidence in lenders. Or they just simply haven’t had time yet to make any serious amounts of money. Whatever the reason, startups are generally the types of businesses that work with the tightest budgets. But just because you own a startup business, and the tight budget that comes with it, it doesn’t mean you can’t increase your budget. The first step you can take to do this is to start stretching the small budget that you already have.

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When it comes to stretching your small budget, you have to break it down into stages. You have to focus on different areas at different times and do all you can to stretch the budget of each, individually. The first area you should focus on is your workspace. By stretching this area’s budget first you will be afforded the opportunity to know more about where you can and cannot spend and stretch in other important areas as you go forward. And when it comes to stretching your workspace budget, you first have to try and get as many of the workspace necessities in as possible, for as little a price as possible. This means you should start scouring the Internet as soon as your stretching venture commences for the best deals. And there are plenty of online options out there to search for. One such option is, a site that offer coupons at appliance and accessory stores such as IKEA. By making use of the discounts, which everybody is well within their rights to do, you will be able to stretch your office spend far. You will be able to adorn your workspace in all the necessary furniture needed for comfort. You will be able to bring in the worktops that your workforce need to be able to, well, do their work. And you will be able to do so for a fraction of the original price. And better still, all the furnishings you bring in will ready-to-assemble. This means less time can be spent setting things up and more can be spent looking at how and where you can next stretch your budget.

And where you should next attempt to stretch your budget is the marketing and advertisement area  of your business. This is an area of your business that is pivotal to its success. It’s pivotal because it brings in customers. And they bring in custom. And that brings in profits. And that brings your business an ability to pay its necessary outgoings, such as its bills and its payroll. And it is pivotal that your business can pay these outgoings. As well as this, it’s also an area where a whole host of money can easily be wasted. So, because of all of these points you most certainly need to give precedence to stretching your marketing and advertisement budget. An easy way to do so is to take the platform you are advertising on into deep consideration, especially if you are advertising online. Money spent on marketing campaigns that are produced in the wrong place means you are more liable to waste money. For instance, by placing an interactive marketing campaign on Facebook instead of Twitter, you are instantly putting yourself in danger of wasting money. You are putting yourself in danger because Twitter is more of an audience interaction platform than Facebook is. And not only should you try to stop placing a marketing campaign in the wrong place, but you should also stop producing identical campaigns on multiple platforms. One size does not fit all when it comes to any area of business, especially not when it comes to marketing. So, if you want to stretch your marketing and advertisement budget further, then make sure you are spending it in the right places.

Once you feel that all the big areas of your business have been stretched enough, it’s then time to start looking at your business’s smaller habits. Specifically, you have to pinpoint any bad spending habits that your business may have. Once such bad habit may be that you buy too many things, at too many different times. By doing this, instead of being prudent with your spending and buying in bulk, you will find that you spend way more than you actually need to. You can miss out on cheaper packaging and distribution costs. You can miss out on possible discounts that arise when things are bought together, rather than individually. And you can miss out on creating a relationship with the distributor that could one day result in credit. But when you do buy in bulk, you have to be prudent enough to plan how you are going to use what you buy. When you have too much of one thing at one time, it can be easy to allow some of it to be ‘pushed to the back of the cupboard’. You have to plan out exactly how and when you will be using each thing that you have bought in bulk to save any of it being a waste of money. And another bad habit that you may have — which if you do have, you should eradicate quickly — is not buying priority items. In life, let alone in business, it’s easy to get carried with spending. It’s easy to buy things that you don’t necessarily need for success. But if you want to find success, and if you want to wear down your overarching budget, then you have to put priority items above all else on your shopping list.

By stretching your startup’s budget as far as it will go, you open up a plethora of opportunities for it going into the future. You give it the chance to keep on top of its necessary outgoings, meaning it will stay as a business for longer. And you give it the chance to develop through further investments, something that is pivotal if you want it to grow. So, stretch today, and reap the rewards tomorrow!


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Choosing The Perfect Blogging Platform: Everything You Need to Know

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There are a lot of important decisions you need to make before you start a blog. What topics are you going to cover and talk about? Who is your target audience, and how are you going to find them? Which social media platform is the best option to promote your work? There are plenty more, of course, but many blogging rookies forget about one of the most important decisions they will make – which blog platform should they use?

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how to choose the perfect blogging system for your needs. Depending on what you want to do with your writing and content, the decision you make now can have a more profound impact than you might think. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you need to consider.

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Microblogging is the art of creating short and snappy blog posts, rather than the long form work that other people might be interested in. If you are new to the game, microblogging is a great way of getting some of your ideas down on paper, perhaps for more creative types. If you’re planning on going down this route, you might want to consider using a free platform like Tumblr – there is unlimited storage, customization options, and a whole bunch of themes you can choose from.

Hobby blogging and beginners

For those that want to start writing and sharing their work, platforms like Blogger – which is owned by Google – are a good starting point. It’s easy to use, set up, and you can pretty much get started right away. You can even start earning some money on Blogger, too, by installing AdSense ads, and although customization options are limited, there is still plenty of opportunities to work some magic on the HTML code of you are that way inclined.

Experienced bloggers

For those getting a little more serious about their blogging, WordPress .com is well worth a look. It’s completely free, and incredibly easy to use while giving your blog a slightly more professional sheen to the other options listed above. However, functionality can be a somewhat limited, and you do have to pay for upgrades – it’s also important to remember that, technically, you don’t own your blog, and you have little control over any advertising revenue.

Professional bloggers

If you want to take things a little further and looking totally professional, go with You will need to choose a web host that works with WordPress independently, but you do get full control over the site. Make sure that you choose a reputable host that offers high levels of technical support, however. Because of WordPress’s popularity, it can be incredibly vulnerable to security threats of all kinds. That said, is a fantastic and highly popular platform that will help your blogging business look super professional.

DIY super bloggers

If you want to take the next step and have complete control, why not hire a designer to create your own content management system? It will cost you a lot of money about the other options on this post, but you get to create something entirely bespoke, unique and fully adaptable.

What’s your favorite blogging platform? Why not share your thoughts below?


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Good For Your Wealth: Setting Up A Business In Medical Care

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More and more people within the medical sphere are setting up their own private clinics and businesses. Long waiting times in national hospitals mean that more people are looking elsewhere for faster treatment. Being able to provide quicker and more personable service is what lures many doctors into setting up their own clinic, as well as the ability to specialise (and of course the ability to set your own rates!). However, what does it really take to make it in this industry? Here are just a few of the steps you may want to consider.

Gaining credibility

Having a successful track record behind you is important before setting up your own clinics. It will allow you to better convince investors when starting up your business, as well as attracting patients through testimonials and reviews online.

Getting insured

No place is more prone to lawsuits than the medical world. A-rated insurance against malpractice claims is recommended – you can read more info on what this insurance covers here: On top of this, you may have to consider schemes such as property insurance to protect your premises, and compulsory insurance schemes such as Employer Liability insurance if you’re hiring staff.


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Buying equipment

You’ll need all the necessary equipment and technology to carry out top class medical service. Sites such as offer a great selection of medical supplies. Make sure you’ve also got adequate software for medical coding and billing. All this can be very expensive initially – you’ll need a loan or help from investors. The private medical industry is lucrative, but it will take a while to make a return.

Marketing your business

National hospitals don’t need to market themselves. Independent practices do. Save some money aside for online advertising, website building, leafleting, signage and any other forms of promotion you can think of.


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Staying legal

Starting up a business requires you to abide by all kinds of laws. The medical industry comes with all kinds of complex legislation on top of this. Hiring a good attorney is worthwhile. They can help advise you on legal requirements of your business, help you advice when dealing with complaints and write contracts for you that are legally tight. Meanwhile, when it comes to your book-keeping, having an accountant handy is worthwhile to avoid any miscalculations and ensure you’re paying the right amount of tax.

Staying safe and secure

Hospitals have to be sterile and this requires having regular cleaning staff and strict protocols. Health and safety and fire safety laws also have to be carried out. On top of this, the clinic has to be secure against crime. Small businesses are big target for hackers and, as the recent global attacks on medical practices show, hackers have no moral qualms attacking the healthcare industry. Top notch digital security including data recovery software is vital. As for physical crime, having anti-burglary devices such as a burglar alarm, CCTV and safes for cash is also a must.


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A guide To ERP Systems for Small Businesses

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Just like a young child, small and medium businesses require attention that nurtures them to grow steadily. Today, business management requires a system that not only helps in operations of daily activities but also provides data used to make decisions. Therefore, small business owners and managers have no choice but to embrace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Just to refresh your memory, these systems helps all the functions of a company to integrate and work as one. Third Wave experts have enough skills and resources to install the best ERP in your company and help in its usage to improve your business performance. Below is a list of the popular ERP systems one can use in their small business.

SAP Business One

This ERP system is one of the most popular for both small and mid-size businesses. With its capability, a business person can conveniently run all their operations, like receiving orders, processing them, inventory control, CRM, and finances all in one system. The SAP Business One system has the following benefits for a business:

·        Better decisions making – if the business decisions are based on data, then one can get all the information of the business in one integrated software.

·        Never miss anything – the system has different capabilities like a calendar, diary, and alerts that help one to respond to clients, take actions, or process payments, thus, making the business grow in customer service.

·        Business growth – with e-commerce and CRM capabilities, one can easily reach new customers, suppliers, and shareholders to expand the business very fast.

Oracle NetSuite

This ERP has seen great evolution since it started as an accounts software. Today, it has all-round capabilities where it can handle all business intelligence services, HR functions, and CRM functions. Just like the SAP, this ERP is also suitable for small and medium businesses. It has the following benefits:

·        Digital integration – with the e-business capability decision makers for a business will be confident to face the world where digital business operations are inevitable.

·        Compatibility – Oracle values mobile phone users and its compatibility with mobile phones is a great benefit to many business owners who want to take control on the go.

·        Overall integration – businesses can make better decisions when all their operations are integrated into one reliable system. Data to make such decisions is thus readily available in real time.

Sage ERP x3

When looking for an easy and straightforward ERP to help the small business to grow, then sage ERP X3 seems to the solution you need. Since it covers all operations, employees can see the light they need to work faster and efficiently. The ERP has the following benefits for a business:

·        Flexibility – Rather than the business adapting to it, the ERP is flexible to easily fit into business operations in a simple and easy to use way. In fact, the system can fit in any operating system whether for PC or mobile phone.

·        International capabilities – the system does not know boundaries and will fit well in all operations like processing, manufacturing, and services across the whole world.

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How to start a wholesale fashion company

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I recently interviewed Andrew Ok from Tutu Fashion which is a company that specializes in women’s wholesale clothing. I asked Andrew about the challenges of his wholesale fashion business, and what is most exciting about it. Enjoy the interview.

1. Tell me about your business?

We are a Los Angles based wholesale manufacturer, focused on women’s fashions.  We have 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality fashion clothing.  We identify trends in global markets and produce tops, skirts, dresses and pants to bring low cost “high fashion” to our customers in response to the consumer’s demands.

The majority of our products are made in the USA. We pride ourselves on sourcing our own fabrics, trim, accessories, and other details to ensure the highest quality products. We strive for our products to be dependable for the end consumer to help drive repeat business for you, our retailer.  We are continuously bringing new fabrics and new designs to keep what you offer the consumer fresh and relevant.

2. How did you get started?

We use to own a couple of retail stores before we started an actual wholesale store.  We wanted items that were made in the US instead of being exported and items that had fine quality with great detail. We wanted to control our own inventory for our own store then decided to make the items ourselves from the fabric to sewing, we wanted to do it all. Then we branched into the wholesale side.

3. What is the most exciting part about your business?

The most exciting part is the process is deciding what product to make. We can decide from a simple top, dress, skirt, a plus size shirt, and plus size dress. After choosing a type, we choose a design with our designer. After a type and design, we then get to choose the fabric. After the fabric, we decide on a quantity and make the item from scratch.  A fun process from the beginning.

4. What is the most challenging part of your business?

The most challenging part of the business is competing with other vendors. With so much competition and price wars, we do the best we can in price but can’t compete with imported items from china or Mexico. We do our best to make the price as fair as possible but still have to make a profit. We stride and pride in our quality of the items and believe you get what you pay for.

5. What’s your long-term vision and goal?

Our long-term goal is to get every household at least one item from our store.  From wholesale and slowly expanding to retail, we want this to be a household brand. 

Sounds crazy but we believe with our products and customer service, we will achieve this. 

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E-Book and E-Magazine Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

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There is no shortage of ways to market a business. Entrepreneurs are usually advised to develop a strong social media presence, as in this day and age, social media is king. PPC advertising is also useful as is B2B networking if other businesses are your main customer. However, what happens if your expert knowledge on a key area is your unique selling point? How can you make this work for you?

Blogging is a great way of establishing yourself as an expert in a niche field, but it has its limits. Most people stick to between 500 and 1,000 words when they write a blog. Since it is difficult to go into detail in that amount of text, anything you write will be superficial at best.

Explore a Subject in Greater Depth

E-books and e-magazines allow you to explore a subject in more depth. Instead of skating over the surface, you can dive in and plumb the depths. With an e-book or e-magazine, it is much easier to organize content into chapters or sections. This allows the reader to jump to the page of most interest to them rather than wasting time scanning a web page for the juicy bits.

Market Niche Businesses

Writing and publishing e-books and e-magazines is an important marketing strategy for niche businesses. It helps to build a brand and attract customers looking for your services. Say, for example, you offer a specialist tax consultancy service for business clients. Writing e-books or publishing an e-magazine on key issues affecting your clients is a smart move. You can provide useful information on current issues and show your customers you are an expert in your field. This establishes your brand and gives customers a very good reason to keep in touch with you.

Use Desktop Publishing Services

Writing e-books and e-magazines is easy. Thanks to desktop publishing services such as Microsoft Publisher and Serif, you don’t have to outsource publications. Once you have written the text, have it proofed and organize the content into chapters or articles. You can use online software to create an e-book cover or magazine cover template and your publication will be ready to go.

You can distribute e-books and e-magazines in a number of ways.

  • Provide a link on your website where readers can download a free copy. You can offer a free e-book or e-magazine in return for the customer’s email address, or you can charge a fee.

  • Amazon also offers an easy-to-use e-book publishing service for anyone, including business authors.

  • An email list is another way to distribute an e-book or e-magazine – send out an email asking customers if they would like a free download and include a link to your website. Most people love something for nothing, so take-up will be high.

The most important thing when producing e-books and e-magazines is to create content that’s useful to the reader. Even if your e-books and e-magazines are free, they still need to offer value. Content should be well written, engaging, and attractively presented, so proofread everything and include illustrations and photos.

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5 Reasons Your Catering Business Needs Social Media

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Everyone who is anyone in business understands the importance of social media. The rise of the internet and the explosion of online marketing sees businesses scrambling to keep up with the advantages. The ability to reach an international audience is crucial for businesses and when you’re in the business of catering, it’s a lifeline.

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Catering is a hands-on business, and with the importance of attracting customers as well as clients, social media needs to be utilised. Social media is like gold when it comes to advertising to a targeted market. Don’t forget, when you start up a new catering business, you need good suppliers. If your company grows in popularity online, you’re going to attract new suppliers for both your cooking and Leader refrigeration equipment. You need to have a good relationship with you suppliers and if you can promote this alongside stellar customer service online, your company will flourish. Suppliers can give you excellent rates and discounts if you are a good customer, so treat your suppliers as well as you would treat your clients or customers.

So, how can social media benefit your company and what can you do to further your catering business?

Connections. Clients matter, as do your everyday customers. Social media allows you that outlet to connect with both, as well as suppliers. It’s not just Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram and if your catering business is starting from home, then using Instagram to promote your products will be favourable. Creating a catering blog, posting when you have discounts available or when you are launching new products will help you reach clients. You can also use your blog to link to other catering companies and help each other by posting blogs on each other’s sites. Posting the same promotions to Facebook and Twitter will also give you a reach that more traditional methods would not.

Image Source

Community. As a catering business, you will be relying on reviews of taste to get anywhere. If you attend local food fairs or markets with items from your own business for sale, you can reach the local community and give them a true taste of what your company can offer. Local promotion is vital for caterers as you need to rely on the little pieces of business to push the bigger pieces. By advertising your food locally on selling pages, local social media announcement websites and even the local newspapers, you can get people interested in what you have to offer in your company. Get in contact with bloggers in your community; have them taste what you have to offer for free in return for a promotional post on their blogging platform. Word of mouth is as important as the taste of your food – let them come!

Choose. You don’t have to be a company that chooses between supplying food professionally or to the public – you can be both! You have a passion for what you do or you wouldn’t do it, and this is what you need to show. Post images of your newest creations online and use your blog to promote your online presence. You need to have a professional online presence so that if you choose to offer businesses catering options, you can network properly and your company looks as professional as it can be. Websites like LinkedIn can give you exposure to local and international businesses. If your company supplies hot food, then setting up lunch time links with companies is a smart decision, as the people who try your food will be raving about you to others. If you are offering baked goods, you could supply logo cakes and biscuits at corporate parties. There’s no reason for you not to break into the corporate world if you have the motivation to do so.

Image Source

The way you work your company, whether it’s from your kitchen at home or from a professional kitchen that has all the bells and whistles, needs a strong online profile. There isn’t a business in the world that survives for very long, or is very profitable if they are not online. Technology has developed to the point that a good, well-loved company is everywhere! Your catering company can be big if you make a point of marketing with social media. Ad campaigns, blog posts, scheduled tweets and photo adverts can elevate your business above others in your field. Your company can also target audiences with your campaigns and see your food picked up and enjoyed across both public and private sectors.

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Interview of Colin Nabity, founder of LeverageRX

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I recently interviewed Colin Nabity about his disability insurance for physicians and physician loans business, and I think you will find his insights about this business interesting. What I like about his business is that it isn’t the next social media trend. It is something that people and other businesses need, which give his business proper fundamentals and a good foundation.

1) Tell me about your business?

LeverageRx is an online lending and insurance marketplace exclusively for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals. We cater to the unique financial needs and challenges of doctors starting practice and make it incredibly simple to compare rates and pricing for disability insurance for physicians, life insurance, physician loans and student loan refinancing.

2) How did you start your business? What inspired you?

My background is all finance, specifically wealth management and insurance for doctors, but in a traditional brick and mortar model. We wanted to leverage technology solutions to the doctor space to make it easier to get rates and information without being forced to use an insurance agent or advisor. The technology doesn’t exist for many of the products and services we play in so we’ve had to build a lot of it ourselves.

3) What is the toughest part of starting this business?

Balancing marketing and development. We always try to get new products or features out early even if it’s not perfect to get as much feedback as we can.

4) Who are your ideal clients?

We focus mainly on physicians and dentists that are finishing training and starting practice.

5) Do you recommend this business for other entrepreneurs?

Doctors are a hard market. They are very protective and skeptical of other professionals outside medicine and rightfully so – many people want to take advantage of their earning potential and recommend products or services that aren’t in their best interest. This is why we’ve pushed to make financial services in this space extremely transparent.

6) What excites you about this business the most?

Doing and building something that hasn’t been done before that is truly providing value to our customers and making their lives easier.

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