5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Blogging

5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Blogging

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Does your business have a blog? If not, you could be missing out on the many practical advantages that can be had from blogging. Here are just five reasons to get involved in blogging as a business.


It will keep your website looking active


If you rarely ever update your company website, return visitors may start to wonder if you’re still an active business. Starting a blog on your company website ensures that your website content is always fresh and different. This tells people that your business is still very much alive and could help to convert a few more visitors into customers.


It will boost your search engine rankings


Blogging doesn’t just make your website appear more active – it can also improve your company website’s search rankings. Sites that constantly update their content are likely to rank more higher than sites that are rarely edited. Blogging can also improve your SEO by offering more gateways into your website for customers to visit. It’s also a chance to attract more visitors to your site with carefully chosen keywords that ensure that you’re getting the right types of visitors.


It’s a chance to show off your knowledge and gain credibility


Another good reason to start a blog is to make you look more credible as a business. Blog posts can be chances to show off your expertise – they could be informational pieces related to your business that helps clients. For example, if you own a plumbing company you could write pieces such as ‘what is water hammer?’, ‘how to install new taps’ or ‘what are the advantages of a tankless water heater?’. When visitors to your website see these posts, it will show them that you know your stuff and it will gain their trust.


You could make some extra money blogging


Blogging can also be a way to make some extra money on the side. There are various ways to do this. Firstly, you can look into displaying ads on your blog and make some money through ad revenue. Secondly, you can try your hand at affiliate marketing, writing sponsored posts for other relevant companies which you make commission on every time a reader is converted into a customer. You can even charge for sponsored content. Even if you’re only making a small amount of passive income, it’s still something extra to take home.


You can build relationships with other companies through cross-promotion

Starting a blog on your website gives you a great platform for cross-promoting with other businesses. You could make a pact with another business, promising to write a promotional post about their company in exchange that they write a promotional post about you. Not only could this help you to gain more customers, but it could allow you to build relationships with other companies that could be handy.  

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