5 Tasks You Must Do Before Creating A Business Website

5 Tasks You Must Do Before Creating A Business Website

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Thinking of getting a website for your business? If so, it’s likely you will hire a designer to do it for you. However, there are some essential things you must do before getting started with the hiring process. It’s not as easy as handing over a domain and expecting a designer to come up with the goods from scratch. Here are some essential tasks you need to do that will ensure your site build is a success.

Draw up a to-do list

The first step in the process is to write up a to-do list for your designer or developer. You need to sketch out a list of all the pages you want on your site and give them examples of the look you are expecting. Consider font styles, color schemes and graphic design. You should also think about the layout of sites you like – as well as the overall user experience. The more information you can give them, the better the result. It’s also worth pointing out that you will save money – and time – by having concrete examples to share.

Be specific

Designers and developers can create fantastic websites. But they need guidance to what you are looking for if you want them to deliver. Have a good think about the specific features you want for your site – and also have a reason why they need to exist. You might have membership access, for example, or a calendar for events. But now is the time to consider if you need them or not. Nothing on your site should be superfluous, and everything needs a purpose.


Bring together your company info

Your next step is to bring together every vital piece of information that you have about your company. You should list all your services, for example, and draw up explanations and descriptions of any products you sell. Do you have a mission statement? Include that, too – as well as any consumer education materials and general contact information. Again, this is going to save you and your designer a lot of time.

Hire other services

Great website design is one thing, but your site will need much more than that. It’s a good idea to contact other services that you will need, too. A specialist web copywriter will be able to work with a designer to create more compelling offers. A professional photographer will be able to give you high quality, unique images for your site, so you don’t have to rely on stock photos. You should also check with the designer’s experience in SEO, too. It might be necessary to contact a specialist SEO firm to make sure your business can be found online.

Website creators

You should also think about the layout of sites you like – as well as the overall user experience. Also, think about the possibility of using a web creator to build your own website. Using a web creator is very easy. These tools are made to help non-technical people be able to create a website. With these tools, you can have a professional looking website within days, and much cheaper than any developer would cost to create a website for you. Take a look at the article, and give one of them a try.

Form a plan for the future

Finally, once your website is built, it’s essential to keep updating it with fresh content, new products, and seasonal offers. It is essential to have a plan for the future in mind, as it will help your designer come up with easy ways of letting you make these updates. Building the site is only the first part of the job – keeping it going, so it is relevant, has to be part of the bigger picture.


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