5 Ways To Transform The Way Your Business Uses Technology

5 Ways To Transform The Way Your Business Uses Technology

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Technology is a key element of running a modern business. It’s difficult to imagine a time before we used computers and other devices to facilitate the day-to-day running of a business. It’s surprising to learn however that many businesses and startups aren’t using technology to its full potential, which could be costing time and money. Here are five ways to transform the way your business uses technology to help you get the most out all the things it can offer.

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1. Make sure you have the latest technology

Technology is something that keeps advancing, and just like a car can become old and start to lose its functionality – so can your technology. Technology has become more affordable over the years to make it easier to upgrade regularly and make sure that you always have the latest versions of software. Doing this will help you keep up with your competitors and ensure that your business doesn’t suffer because of outdated technology.

You might want to consider whether or not you should lease or buy your technology equipment, with arguments to be made for each. If you want to update regularly, leasing may be a better option for you while buying outright will save you money over time. Consider the best option for your business carefully before you decide how to invest in your technology equipment.

2. Choose a support service that delivers

If your technology systems were to fail, how long will it take before they get resolved? If you have on-site support, this could be fixed in minutes but if it needs to come from elsewhere – how long would it take until you’re up and running again? When making technology purchases, you need to consider the aftercare service which can be as valuable as the products themselves. From securing fast and efficient Zebra printer repair to having a service provider to fix website outages quickly, your focus should be on the complete package received for your investment and not just the initial price of the equipment. Shop around and take a look at all available providers and their offering before you lock yourself into a contract.

3. Offer the right training to employees

Having the right technology in place is great, if you have staff that are confident in using it. It’s easy to assume that all employees today have the skills to work the latest technology, but this might not be the case. Having a training program available to your employees will make them more confident in using the technology and software you provide, especially if they’re new to your business. This is something that will need to be refreshed regularly to help keep up with updates and upgrades, and an online resource library can help them troubleshoot simple problems that will free up technology service desks for more urgent and business-critical issues.

4. Head into the Cloud

Cloud computing is the future. Almost any technology expert will be able to relay the benefits of cloud computing to satisfy all types of business needs. Cloud computing not only allows businesses to work in a more agile and streamlined way but can help decrease your running costs and increase the stability of your technology.

As well as the technological benefits, cloud computing can also change the workplace environment. As more and more businesses look to employ flexible working practices, cloud working benefits organizations that want to offer better work/life balance for employees. Being able to work from anywhere at any time makes a difference to employee attitudes and productivity and could resolve a lot of the issues your business has been facing.

5. Use digital technology to increase your customer/client base

Need a helping hand reaching clients and customers? Go digital. Online marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses, as it’s something that consumers care about too. These days it has become less of a question of if you should adopt online marketing, but when. There are many free ways to carry out online marketing, that will help save your business money and waste less on techniques that don’t work.  Streamlining your online and offline activities will give you the best chance of making an impact on potential customers and make those important conversions.

Technology changes frequently, and it’s vital that your business adapts to make use of its benefits. Ensure technology forms an important part of your ongoing strategy to find new and exciting ways to run your business and watch the way you work transform.

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