6 Ways To Keep Your Office Building In Top Condition

6 Ways To Keep Your Office Building In Top Condition

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The office building is like any other structure – it needs care and attention to stay functional and keep its occupants safe and protected from the outside weather conditions and pollutants. But besides the safety measures and regular maintenance, you also need to make sure that it looks presentable to your clients and leaves a good impression. All this is a comprehensive work and requires resources for its realization which sometimes can be expensive if you don’t perform scheduled and regular tasks to keep it in top position.

1. Hire a security and secure the access points to the building

If you have a lot of employees and clients using the building than you must use some security measures to keep intruders or people without appointment away. These measures may feel like going overboard, but keeping track of who goes in and out of the building is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, you will keep all the occupants inside safe, then you will make sure that company’s property is not taken out of the premises without permission and lastly you will ensure that only authorized personnel to have access to the building and its adjoining property. This will prevent to the best of your ability any criminal acts and conducts from happening and endangering the people, equipment and structure in your care.

2. Use the high-quality materials for the exterior and interior

When you work on adapting the building to your liking and needs, always use the best high-quality materials available on the market and this should also be applied when you do construction of your own structure for business purposes. The quality of material will prevent any fast deterioration and maintain your building in excellent condition during all seasons and weathers. If one crack on the façade appears, rest assured that the others will follow. This means that you should act immediately to repair and fix all observed problems on the exterior, but also to make sure that it didn’t spread to the interior structure or that it didn’t start to develop its own problems.

3. Perform regular HVAC and elevator maintenance

HVAC system is the blessing for big office buildings and it’s impossible to imagine any business structure without it. Its purpose is to maintain the optimal working conditions at all times with cooling and heating the inside air and keeping it clean for the building occupants. It suffices to say then how many problems can neglect HVAC system create the worst being health problems like Legionnaires’ disease – a very serious respiratory condition similar to pneumonia caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila.

Also, elevators can be a liability too, but not in a sense that one can detach and fall, like in the movies – since that rarely ever happens. Getting stuck can be frustrating and not to mention harmful to those with heart conditions and anxiety disorder. Another noteworthy aspect is that damaged elevators don’t leave a positive image of your company when you have clients or partners visiting the building, so schedule regular checks and repairs to avoid this kind of inconveniences.

4. Check the sealants on windows and doors

To make sure that the building is protected from the outside weather make sure you have handymen checking all the sealants on the windows and doors. This way you will constantly be an energy efficient building which is good for the environment and your utility bill. Proper sealants make sure that you are not losing heat through the window and door frames, and they also protect you from moisture condensing on the walls and creating mould and damaging the inner structure. Sealants are easy to apply and don’t take long, so you can schedule the repairs after work hours or really early before the employees arrive.

5. Hire cleaning services

The people occupying the building – your employees, visitors, clients and all other persons who are there on some business leave rubbish behind. That’s unavoidable and because of that, it’s the matter which requires being addressed on daily basis. The only appropriate solution for a company is to hire a cleaning agency to maintain the hygienic conditions at the highest levels, as well as to tidy the place up after employees leave and return everything in perfect order. That way you will always have a decluttered and organized office space providing civilized working conditions for your employees and in return gaining productive and dedicated collective.

6. Keep roof and gutters free of debris

Roof and gutters are a very important part of any building since they provide protection from constant effects of the environment. But clogged gutters and leaky roofs are actually a big problem and can cause a lot of problems for the building and the company. Damages enabling water to enter the building’s walls can create short circuits and electrical fires, which can at best stop the business for a certain period of time, and at worst cause life-threatening situations.

Regular cleaning of the gutters and checks of the roof surface can prevent this, as well as quick reaction time to any observed leakage or damage on the interior of the building. Hiring companies like ASAP Sydney Painters to perform paint job will both keep your roof in good shape and also refresh the look of your building.


Treat your office building with respect and take care of it just like you would your own home.  Since every employee and other persons occupying that building are your responsibility, you have to ensure that they perform their duties and tasks in a safe and healthy environment. And if you start maintenance and care of the building early on, you will have fewer problems to take care of later, and so lower expenses for repairs and renovations.


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