7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Working Space

7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Working Space

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Productivity is the most important aspect of the business. It brings the profit, builds a business reputation and creates the brand identity. In order to boost productivity, businesses dedicate themselves to creating appropriate conditions for their employees. However, improving your workspace is not only the responsibility of your employer.

On average, a person spends eight hours a day at work. This means that you are almost spending the same amount at the workplace as you do at home. So, it’s only fitting to dedicate yourself to improve the space and make sure you feel comfortable there. Whether you are an employer or an employee, the changes don’t have to take weeks. The most important thing is to create and support the company culture.

Lack of productivity is directly connected to the mess and disorder, as well as the overall influence of space on our motivation. So to help you with this, we prepared some useful tricks which will turn your workspace into everything you need to feel happy and productive.


  • Choose the right furniture


Correct posture while performing the job is more important than people give it credit. The furniture you use broadly influences this. If you have an inappropriate chair, you’ll most likely experience pain and deformities of the musculoskeletal system. In time, this can turn to the real obstacle for performing your job and even cause some quite serious health issues.

Chairs with ergonomic back support and the proper height of your desk will do a lot to save you from this trouble. Still don’t forget to stand up from time to time and stretch, grab some water and walk. Too much sitting or standing can create problems for your cardiovascular system. Not to mention that lack of movement will degrade your muscle function, cause extra weight and depression.


  • Keep your workstation in order


Clattered space is the greatest enemy of productivity. Although “creative mess” is constantly used as an excuse for the disorder, it is actually the cause of stress. Too many files on the desk, cramped working area and untidy drawers are only some of the examples. Depending on your profession, some clutter can even be dangerous.

If you work with flammable materials or sensitive equipment, the cluttered workspace can cause accidents leading to injury and death. At the very least, you will feel annoyed and start to develop an anxiety disorder, due to inability to find what you need in the mess you created.


  • Adjust the monitor


Most of us spend a lot of time working on the computer. This means that will look at the monitors for most of that time. Eyes can be very sensitive to the brightness and refresh rate we use, so make sure that you set all the parameters accordingly. Another way to help your eyesight is to take breaks every half hour. If you can’t remind yourself, install some of the available apps specifically designed for this.

Additionally, the ergonomics of the monitor’s position play a crucial role to keep your neck muscles and bones in good shape. People experience needle-like neck pain due to the incorrectly positioned monitors. The proper sitting position is to sit back at slight recline and to adjust the distance by stretching your arm. The screen should be adjusted at arm’s length and at the eye level. Another important feature is to avoid placing your monitor in front of some bright light. This will cause eyestrain and make it harder to concentrate on the screen.


  • Add some colour


Colour can create a lot of change for the workspace. Many scientific studies have shown that it can have a large impact on the motivation and mood. Appropriate balance of colour can help you with this, as well as using different textures which will be soothing to the eye and mind.

Bright red is usually one of those shades people avoid. However, using it in small amounts as a decoration to the main colour can look great. Paintings and pictures are always a welcoming sight and can brighten up space. Artificial flowers or even the real ones can bring in the natural aspects of colour and give you a nice place to rest your eyes.  


  • Bring in some nature


Always value the significance of greenery at the office. Potted plants will help you feel less trapped and constrained. You can even create your very own Zen garden in the hallway or indoors waterfall in the break room.

Another added benefit of having plants is better air quality. This is important since some equipment emits ozone, which is toxic. There are many studies dedicated to this aspect, and they go as far as to provide lists of appropriate plants to keep you healthy.  


  • Use the appropriate lights


Workplace lighting is best if it comes from the outside. Daylight influences the production of melatonin and serotonin in our brains. These are two of other substances which help our mood and enthusiasm. So make sure that you bring in the natural light as much as possible.

In some cases, this is not so easy to achieve, install artificial lights to additionally boost the atmosphere. Every lighting wholesale company will be able to supply you with different bulbs advise you on the most efficient ones. Proper workspace lighting is not made of just one type, but the mix of different bulbs strategically position to facilitate the best results.


  • Designate a break room


Rest is vital for productivity. Never sacrifice a five-minute break and don’t spend too much time in one position. In addition, short breaks will help you to restart your brain and get new perspectives. Concentrating on work for a long period will tire you quickly, make you agitated and less efficient in solving problems. It will also have a negative impact on your creative process and even cause a blockade.  

Designating a break room is one way to tackle this issue. Placing a TV and coffee machine there will give your employees a reason to stand up and stretch. Some companies even install entertainment stations in their break rooms, as well as nooks for reading and private time.


Loving your work is not enough to achieve the best results. Productivity is not something that can be switched on and off when needed. It needs nurturing and special conditions to develop. A happy employee will be able to contribute more than the disgruntled one. Therefore, making sure that workspace is in perfect condition will be a smart investment for those going for the certain success.

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