7 Very Important But Not So Popular Businesses

7 Very Important But Not So Popular Businesses

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If you ask kids what they would want to be when they grew up, they’d say a pilot, a doctor or any other classic career. It’s not because of the salaries or prestige, but because of the emphasis on the importance of these jobs.

With 7.6 billion people in the world, there are many more professions than we are aware of. One would think that with technological advancements and digitalisation some careers would be outdated, like shoemaking or plumbing. The fact is that those are still very much needed and done the old-fashioned way, which has been proven to be the best time and again.  

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of uncommon professions, ones which usually leave people wondering if they are real.


  • Horse exerciser


You’ve probably heard of the horse whisperer job because of that Robert Redford movie from the nineties. However, horse exerciser is a whole different story. If you ever observed a race, on TV or in person, you noticed that jockeys are the ones riding the horses. What you probably didn’t know is that training and preparing these amazing animals for the race is done by people called the horse exercisers.

They stimulate the horses and take care of their health, as well as get them to know the terrain and race track better. In order to work as a team, the horse must be responsive to the jockey’s instructions, which also falls under the responsibility of the horse exerciser. This job doesn’t require a university diploma, but a person will have to spend seven years mastering it.


  • Bingo manager


When you hear bingo, you are momentarily reminded of a retirement home and elderly people having fun on game night. But bingo at the casino is something much more different. That’s why the casinos need bingo managers to handle this very lucrative business. Their job is to handle payouts, customer issues, including complaints, and make sure that everything is according to the law.

Although this profession doesn’t require a university degree, it needs at least five years’ experience. This is the case because of the responsibilities it entails, which can be serious and extensive. Besides handling customers and maintaining legitimacy, bingo managers also have to handle the staff and the budgets.


  • Clinical ethicist


Due to the ongoing scientific research and medical advancements, there are many issues bothering the patients and healthcare workers today. Cloning and stem cell research raise a lot of questions and even politics is sometimes involved. Not to mention the “Right to Life” principle and the constant discussion about it.

And this and other minor issues are the reasons why clinical ethicists are employed in the first place. Their job is to handle and unbiasedly mediate cases by examining the information and give an opinion on how to proceed with the issue. They must listen to the patients, family members, doctors and hospital management in order to find the most ethical solution. This profession requires a master’s degree or PhD in medical ethics or related fields, as well as at least five years of experience.


  • Chief listening officer


Although it sounds like a job from a spy novel, Chief Listening Officer is actually not that thrilling. In the modern era, it’s only fitting that companies hire people to listen to the Internet chit chat. A CLO’s job is to oversee all social media platforms and pay attention to the conversations relating to their brand.

Namely, everything which may require a response, be it good or bad, falls under their responsibilities. Especially those uncomfortable matters like complaints and insults are in the CLOs’ job description. As digital communications have started to be taken seriously in the past decade, this profession is fairly new since it was created in 2010.  


  • Greensman


If you ever look at the movie credits, you’ll notice a lot of weirdly named professions. Many of them sound like an inside joke between the filmmakers. One of those is the greensman. This profession relates to the person, male or female, whose job is to make sure that all plants in the movie are in their designated place.

This job also includes landscaping and designing the plants’ appearance. The greensman is not only responsible for the real plants, but also for the fake flora from the alien planets and horrifically mutated earthly ones. Being both creative and scientific, this is probably one of the coolest behind the camera jobs not appreciated enough.


  • Soil conservationist


Soil conservationist sounds like something connected to collecting garbage from different locations and maintaining cleanliness. Although the work involves dirt, it’s far from described. Soil conservationist is a person responsible for surveys on land use. Depending on the results, they develop plans and strategies to prevent erosion and implement sustainable use.

Since environmental issues are gaining more popularity by the day, this position is actually going to be in the spotlight in the future. A degree in agricultural science or environmental studies is required for this career choice, and both the private and governmental sectors offer employment.  


  • Futurist


Futurist may sound like a charlatan profession, but those really good ones will chill you to the bone. Their ability to foresee the future events based on history and previous cases is uncanny and near supernatural. Of course the business world has recognised their usefulness, thus many futurists work for the big companies in analytics and help in the decision-making process.

With an average salary ranging from $33,000-$111,000 a year based on the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this might actually be one of the most lucrative positions in the future. And being the futurists, they are probably already well aware of that.


Some professions may disappear and others will slide into the background to make room for the new careers required by modern society. But there will always be those professions most of us haven’t heard of that will yet shape our world, like futurists or clinical ethicists.

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