Affiliate EPC (Estimated Earnings Per Click) & conversion rates to tell how much money you will make

Affiliate EPC (Estimated Earnings Per Click) & conversion rates to tell how much money you will make

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In this tutorial I discuss an important detail in your affiliate marketing journey that can help you save time by understanding what you might be able to earn before you actually start selling a particular affiliate product or offer. Take my full affiliate marketing course.

That detail is the EPC field that is listed on many affiliate sites. It helps you understand the average earnings you will have per click on any particular offer. That number is calculated from taking the affiliate sellers who came before you, which is a good way to learn from the experiences of others instead of jumping into things blindly. Sometimes affiliate websites that list different products to sell will also list the conversion rates for those products. This is a good detail to keep in mind because it can help you determine whether the company who made that product put an effort into increasing conversion on their landing page. If their conversion percentages are high, that is a good sign that the traffic you send them will be able to convert well if the traffic is well targeted.

Keeping the EPC (estimates earnings per click) and the conversion rates in mind when choosing your affiliate offers will help you make more money by choosing the offers that are more likely to perform well.

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