Amazon and Kindle SEO: How to sell more by ranking your books or products in Amazon & Kindle search

Amazon and Kindle SEO: How to sell more by ranking your books or products in Amazon & Kindle search

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In this tutorial I explain how you can sell more of your books or products on Amazon by getting your items to rank well in relevant Amazon searches, and essentially leveraging Amazon SEO.

A big part of Amazon’s search ranking algorithm depends on the conversion rate of the people who visit your product landing page to actual buyers. Obviously the more people buy your product the more money Amazon will make, and therefore it is important to Amazon that your product converts well into sales. So you must make sure to get your product or book landing page to convert well. Once you do that, this alone will help to increase your sales. But this isn’t it. You will need to do your best to drive people to your Amazon sales page and drive more sales so that those sales help you rank in Amazon. If you do this, over time, you should begin to jump over your competitors in Amazon. It might sounds simple, but it isn’t because driving sales and getting people to spend money with your business is quite difficult and will require a tremendous effort.

Another important component on Amazon and Kindle SEO the clickthrough rate of the people who search for a particular term. If your listing preview is more attractive than the listing previews of your competitors, you will have a higher clickthrough rate than your competitors, and that will also help you rank higher on Amazon. The only caveat is that your product sales page must convert people at a high enough rate because if they press the back button after landing on your page, that is a negative signal about your listing, and will prevent you from ranking higher. So make sure people don’t have a reason to press the back button when they find your book or product on Amazon.

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