Band Success 101: Boost Your Fanbase by Booking at These Unique Venues

Band Success 101: Boost Your Fanbase by Booking at These Unique Venues

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Every musician is waiting for that perfect gig. One that features the dream venue and a huge payoff in terms of exposure and money.


Unfortunately, this is often just a dream for many bands, as finding this perfect gig remains unattainable without some type of fan base, to begin with. While clubs and bars make great starting points, it’s getting more and more challenging to break into the mainstream music industry just playing at these venues.


The good news is, opportunities for musicians and bands are ever-expanding. As a result, bands have the opportunity to book gigs at more unique locations, such as the ones here. Doing so can help increase exposure while helping them enjoy what they do as well: play music.


Tips to Remember


Prior to diving in and selecting off-the-wall venues or a unique event space for a gig, keep a few things in mind. The venue needs to target the audience the band is trying to reach. It also needs to provide the opportunity to create an emotional connection with the audience.


Keep in mind, these types of events don’t always pay well. This makes many bands avoid doing this at all. While that’s the case, it’s still exposure. Exposure leads to growth, which often turns into better-paying gigs.




All around the country, bands and musicians can find restaurants that book bands for live gigs. This is an ideal venue, as the audience (i.e. those eating a meal) are in for the long-haul.

Most diners remain at their table for at least an hour. That’s more than enough time for a band to create that emotional connection mentioned above.


Fairs and Festivals


Regardless of the theme, a fair and/or festival exposes a band to quite a bit of foot traffic. While this is true, the musicians need to consider if the festivalgoers are the right type of audience for their music.


To find out about the type of upcoming festivals consider using a tool such as the Festival Finder. This is a great way to learn more about the type of audience that plans to go to the festival too.


Play at an Upcoming Charity Event


When it comes to creating an emotional connection, charities represent one of the best options. This doesn’t mean a band needs to try and exploit the emotional state of individuals involved with a specific charity. If the members of the band feel strongly about the cause, it’s a great way to present their music and do something positive for a good cause.


Even bands with larger followings should consider this. It’s a great way to get involved with larger charity events where the money earned is sent to people in need.


Use the Power of Technology to Live Stream a Concert


By now, most people know what live streaming is, especially those who work in the music industry. Live streaming a concert presents a great way to reach a larger audience and help them feel like they are part of the show.


Finding the Right Venue for a Concert or Performance: Think Outside of the Box


While playing at a large concert hall or even in an arena is great, bands have to start somewhere. In many cases, this means local and small. However, the venues mentioned here provide the perfect way to gain a following and spread the word about the music being made.

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