Biggest SEO ranking factor is user intent? Yes, top SEO (search engine) factor is intent match

Biggest SEO ranking factor is user intent? Yes, top SEO (search engine) factor is intent match

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In this tutorial I discuss what is possibly the biggest SEO (search engine optimization) ranking factor. Try my full marketing course with over 11 hours of content.

You will be surprised how simple this ranking factor is. Many people think that they have to do something overly complex to get their websites or web pages to rank in Google, but the truth is that the search engines just want their users to have a good experience. For search engines that means that the users simply have to find what they are looking for after entering any given search. If your page satisfies users more than other pages, over time, Google will start to rank your pages and your overall website for more and more searches because your website gives off positive user experience signals. Some of those signals may be that the user simply stays on your site for a while and doesn’t search for anything identical after searching what they initially searched, and then coming to your site.

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