How To Bring The Team Building Party On The Next Level

How To Bring The Team Building Party On The Next Level

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When you run a business, there are so many things you need to consider that it’s very easy to neglect the interpersonal relations among your employees. However, that is all manageable and solvable with team building. Many may find this form of bonding lame, but it’s actually the most successful acts to create a stronger and deeper connection between your employees. Nevertheless, team building became so normal today that most of the usual activities are a bit boring and outdated, so businesses had to come up with some fresh ideas.

But taking team building to the next level is not that hard if you already have a series of events behind you. With the help of these few steps, you’ll be creating events your employees won’t ever forget.

1. Make it a joint idea

It’s okay if you take initiative and to decide what kind of team building your company will organize, but later on, try some team building for team building. Ask your employees for ideas and suggestions, talk to them about their interests and listen to their advice. After all, they know best what would be a swell idea to realize. You can even create a suggestion box and ask your employees to place their ideas in there, or you can take a more personal approach and designate a meeting especially for this purpose. This will give more emphasize on the matter and help you understand what is IN and what is OUT when it comes to activities.

2. Let them try something new

We all have our comfort zones, those things we never do because we are afraid or insecure about ourselves. This doesn’t mean you should organize an extreme sports event like jumping out of the plain or rock climbing, but make it something which is not life-threatening and still exciting. The best way to do this is to start slow with some karaoke or dancing. Then next time, visit an aqua park together and have fun on the water attractions or go together laser tagging or paintballing. Doing something requiring a certain set of skills is always challenging for those who are insecure or shy, but with the support of the collective they can realize how valuable and accepted, they actually are.

3. Charity work

Helping the most affected segments of the society is the responsibility we should all share. And besides being a really nice thing to do for your community, it will also be a perfect task your employees can do together. They can organize a market and donate the earnings, or apply to help in the soup kitchen. You can even cooperate with the shelters, churches and other institutions in helping socially vulnerable groups. Remember, this is more than being a sponsor of a charitable event or donating money right out of the wallet. It will require that your employees personally get involved and share the common interest in taking actions to create a better world.    

4. Form a team

It’s not unusual for companies to compete among themselves in the business world, but the real occasion for team building would be organizing some fun competitions. The most important thing is not to create the negative atmosphere but promote camaraderie and collegiality. This also means that there shouldn’t be bad blood between you and the opponent but that it should all be one joint company event for making friends, mingling and having lots of fun. You can rent portable bar and even a band for the after party. But not all competitions have to be about sports. Dance-offs and cook-offs are only some of the ideas you can try, and there are more entertaining and exciting activities you can try.

5. Make it a surprise

From time to time, but not often, organize surprise events with different themes. You can arrange a one day trip to some nearby attraction without previous announcement or invite them all for surprise treasure hunting. This will break the everyday habits and bring some excitement and joy into the offices. And as the employer, you will have the best insight into everyone’s responsibilities, so you won’t prevent them to complete their daily tasks. Another nice thing you can do is to encourage celebrating birthdays and important life events like the birth of the child, holidays and all other dates which might be important among your employees. This will bring you all closer together since sharing such a personal detail can only create a stronger bond between the co-workers.  

6. That special day

We all know about special days in the office like Casual Friday, Take your kids to work day or celebrating some National holidays. But what if you decide to designate one day every month special about something? You can have a tea party in the winter, ice cream day in the summer, some other culture day and all sorts of special and fun events which can be done in the office and still let the work keep on going undisturbed. A little festivity is known to lighten the mood and remove stress, so marking special days would be perfect office activity.

7. Encourage their after work interests

If you have employees who are also in the band, paint or do anything else which they consider hobbies or even more than that, show your support by organizing an event where all employees can come. If you have a big office space or even your own building you can host an exhibit of your artistic employees or a reading for those who like to write. This way you will create a supportive micro-community which can only provide more inspiration and incentive to those creative employees.


Positive and well-developed company culture is beneficial not only for the health but also for the overall productivity of your company. And above all, you will create a strong and supportive collective of individuals loyal to the company goals and be inspiring to each other.

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