Bringing Holiday Cheer Into Your Office

Bringing Holiday Cheer Into Your Office

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With the holidays just around the corner, you may be looking for some ideas to help brighten up the office and get even the most Grinch-like of coworkers feeling a little bit merry. Designated holiday office elves rejoice and take a few cues from the list below to help elevate the office spirit this season.

Holiday Desk-orations

Not every company decides to put up an office tree, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of the question. Desk trees are an easy way to light up everyone’s workspace. Plenty of stores carry the traditional, mini spruce or pine complete with lights, glitter and the works, but, it’s likely many of your coworkers already have some sort of desk plant. Bring in mini ornaments, a bit of tinsel and dress ‘em up. Even those conference room palms could sport a string of lights or two. If you’re really wanting to go the distance, consider a dusting of artificial snow, which can help transform just about any drab cubicle space into a winter wonderland.

Another office decorating idea is giving each coworker a mini stocking with their name on it. Instead of filling it with candy or chocolate, encourage your coworkers to write something they appreciate about each person in the office and place them inside. There’s nothing like sharing positivity to ignite some serious holiday spirit. Or, if you work with a competitive bunch, you may even consider organizing a holiday themed desk-orating challenge to see who can most creatively transform their work area.

Hilarious Holiday Party Trends

The annual office Christmas party is the perfect occasion to wow with a new funny holiday-themed fashion trend, Christmas suits. If a suit’s not really your thing, not to worry, there’s always the more casual approach to holiday chic. A festive sweatshirt, like a Christmas tree hoodie, is as warm as it is funny and comes complete with its very own tree topper. But, hold on…you’re not done just yet. Before you head to your annual holiday event, don’t forget to make sure your beard is in festive fashion as well. Adorn your hair with some of Beard Baubles’ hilarious multi-colored ornaments for some instant office cheer.

Or, this year, instead of the usual ugly sweater party, unleash everyone’s inner child and rekindle nostalgia for those long ago Christmas mornings by opting for a Christmas onesie affair. If you want to get really wild, there’s plenty of other options out there as well… because whoever comes in a figgy pudding onesie automatically wins.

Creative Holiday Events

Almost every year, there’s usually an office ugly sweater challenge and a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange. Mix it up this year and propose a coffee mug swap instead of the usual white elephant affair. Encourage each participant to find the most unusual or funny coffee mug they can and fill it with a small gift, $20 or under. Or, instead of the typical Christmas cookie exchange, consider planning a cookie and eggnog tasting event on a Friday afternoon. Tasters can cast a vote for their favorite and establish the office Christmas cookie king or queen.

One way to really bring everyone together is planning a holiday potluck. Because most people have varied family traditions, ask everyone to bring in their favorite holiday food. Encourage each attendee to share a favorite holiday memory or story behind what they’ve brought … who knows, you just may end up initiating a fun, new holiday office tradition.

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