Business plan & start: Why a mall kiosk is a good business & How to open a kiosk in a mall

Business plan & start: Why a mall kiosk is a good business & How to open a kiosk in a mall

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In this video tutorial I discuss why opening a kiosk in a mall or a busy area is a good business. I discuss important elements of a kiosk business plan, and how to open a kiosk in a mall.

The reason this is a good business is that you get most of the benefits of having a lot of foot traffic around your area of business. Much of that foot traffic will stop to check out your products or services. So your marketing is taken care of. And you pay orders of magnitude less for that same marketing than the stores in that mall have to pay because the rent or lease for a kiosk is much cheaper. The only difference is that the bigger stores have a larger storefront from which to advertise and post marketing displays.

Another advantage that kiosks have over other kinds of brick and mortar businesses is that you can try different kinds of businesses over time. If, for example, you try a business and it doesn’t work out, you can easily re-brand and try selling something else. It isn’t the greatest thing to happen but if you need to do something like that, you can. And the bigger stores can’t do that as easily.

Another advantage of opening a kiosk is that it gives you a physical location for your business. You can use that physical location to do many kinds of online marketing for local search and in Google that only businesses with a physical location can do.

If you are looking to start a business, and want a low-risk strategy, think about opening a kiosk. It is a combination of some of the best strategies for different kinds of businesses and it is also very flexible.

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