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What investors look for in apps & How to get an investment for an app?

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In this tutorial I explain specifically what investors look for in mobile apps, how they like to invest, and how to raise money for your mobile app, or at least how to increase the chances of getting an investment for your Android or iPhone application.

Check out my mobile app business book and my mobile app business course.

I also share my experience of going to investors, and getting their feedback. In the video I share what the investors told me about my apps, and why some of them chose not to invest in my apps.

In general, investors look for a few things. They look for an app or a product that is targeting a very large market. Large here means billion dollar markets. Investors also look for a proven team that has worked together before on successful projects that are preferably within the current niche of the business. Investors also look for growth. With apps especially, investors look for almost astronomic growth. My apps, for example, get over 1,000 downloads per day, and often that is still not enough growth for an investor.

In the video I also mention that investors should not be the only option. There are plenty of other great options for apps to raise money. In fact, I funded my own company from savings that I got by working, and eventually from the revenue of the business itself. I wrote my fundraising book because I saw that many people don’t know of all the different ways to raise money for their apps or businesses. The book is my attempt at giving people a holistic view of the fundraising landscape.

Learn Android app development to program your own apps

Are you a non-technical app entrepreneur? If so, you might be struggling with finding a good app developer to partner with, and hiring developers is expensive. This is why I made a mobile app development course together with another engineer Val Okefor. The course will help you make your own apps so you can finally make your dream app a reality.

Here is a preview of the Android app development course:

Here is the link with a discount to our Android app development course.

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Make money with AirBnb to fund your business by renting out your apartment or house through Airbnb

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In this video tutorial I explain how you can rent out a part of your home through AirBnb to help fund your business. You can rent out anything from a room to a full apartment to a full house. As long as there is demand in your area, you can generate a large amount of cash for your business by consistently renting out a room to different travelers through AirBnb.

I realize it isn’t the slickest way to fund your business, but it is one way that can work to get you some extra cash for whatever you might need for your business.

I have met a number of people who make money with airbnb, and for the most part, they have nothing but good things to say about their experience. Most of the people they meet are cool people, and every once in a while they become good friends with the people who stay at their apartments from AirBnb.

One note of caution is that Airbnb isn’t available in all parts of the world. In some places it is considered illegal because of some laws associated with hotels, and how people can book places to stay.

Another word of caution is to ultimately be careful because the people who will come to your house or apartment will be strangers, so you can always get unpleasantly surprised.

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Fund your business with passive income streams like selling digital products online

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In this video tutorial I discuss how you can raise money for your business and fund it by hustling and trying to sell products online.

You can sell physical or digital products. For the most part, digital products are easier to create and deliver to customers. Because of that, selling digital products can be qualified as a passive income stream. A passive income stream is ideal if you start a business because it requires much less attention and time devoted to it. Because of that, passive income streams are great for funding your business since they allow you to focus almost entirely on your business provided that the passive income streams you created remain strong and deliver revenue.

Personally, I have taken advantage of a number of passive income streams. Some of the passive income streams I have used have been YouTube marketing and monetization, selling books on Amazon and the Kindle. I have also created mobile apps which bring me passive income every month. Additionally, I created online business and marketing courses on Udemy which serve as nice passive income streams as well. All together these monetization paths help me earn a nice living and fund any other activities I want to do like start a business if I want to (although I have already started one) or go traveling or anything else. Although, to be honest, I have not done too much traveling because I am more interested in pursuing my creative work. But other people in my shoes would certainly take advantage of having the freedom of earning passive income revenue and they would go traveling.

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How To Raise Money With Bitcoin

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Many entrepreneurs (almost all of them) wonder about raising money for their start-ups either before or after they start. It is just a natural place where the mind wanders. Raising money is difficult, so in this post we’ll explore an unusual way to raise money for your business by leveraging the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Here is a video tutorial on how to raise money with Bitcoin.

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How To Start Different Businesses More Cheaply

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Note: this blog post is an excerpt from my full fundraising book. If you are curious check out my full fundraising book on Amazon.

When entrepreneurs start their businesses, they often have grand plans for those businesses, and those grand plans require quite of bit of money to be realized. But since it is very difficult to raise money, it can be practical to temporarily scale down the grand plans for the business so that the entrepreneur can get started within a reasonable budget that is easier to raise. Once you get started, if you are successful, you will one day grow into all your grand plans that you have for your business. But first thing is first. You must actually get started. It isn’t always possible to greatly reduce start up costs, but it is often possible. Let’s take a look at a few different kinds of businesses and explore some strategies to reduce your funding needs.
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