How to develop an entrepreneurial bend of mind of your child

How to develop an entrepreneurial bend of mind of your child

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Many parents are keen to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in their children, so that they can create their own wealth instead of working for others. If you are a parent and want to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in your child, then there are many ways of driving it and instilling the value of owning a business. It is of no consequence if you are an entrepreneur yourself or a working individual.

It is rather unfortunate that our education system does not prepare them for an entrepreneurial journey. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like the assignment help your child gets for school projects, you could get practical tips to ignite the power of working for yourself in your child? Fortunately, this blog does this by providing simple and easy-to-implement tips to nourish young minds with thoughts of entrepreneurship.

Encourage your child’s natural preferences

If your children display an entrepreneurial bend of mind in their early years, make sure you support them whole-heartedly. This could mean showing a lot of confidence in their business ideas, however simple it may be. Your child may want to create a video of gaming to post on YouTube or sell homemade chocolates and cookies. Don’t become judgemental and shoot it down immediately. Allow them to implement their ideas, success or failure not-withstanding. Try to stand behind their entrepreneurial actions and cheer them to success. You could even help them to design fliers and pamphlets to promote their ideas in the locality.

Entrepreneurship begins at Home

If you are a businessperson or run a small business from home, give your children the opportunity to contribute to it in their own way. Nurturing them at a young age is highly recommended since it inculcates the right entrepreneurial values and teaches them the nuances of running a business venture. You can push them to apply logic to everything that they do which will encourage a free-thinking attitude in them.

When business spirit is nurtured at home from an early age, the entire environment is charged with positivity and does not seem imposing or forced. Just as you would provide essay help if your child needs professional evaluation, similarly hand-holding them while giving them tasks, will go a long way in nurturing their spirit. Promote the value of observation, especially while they interact with people who run their own businesses.

Take them on a neighbourhood tour

This step can be a wonderful combination of fun and learning for you and your child. Depending on where you stay, your neighbourhood may have a generous sprinkling of mom-n-pop stores, flower shops and food cards. This could act as a real life lesson for your child that could be ingrained in his memory for years to come. Encourage your son/daughter to observe how they interact with customers and vendors, how they treat them and most importantly, how they sell. If you personally know an entrepreneur, introduce your child to him and let him interact with him to get a first-hand feel. Be assured your kid will come back armed with ideas to promote business locally.

Encourage creativity through a reward mechanism

Your child may be obsessed with football or video games or is keen to promote his unique cycling skills on YouTube. Do not stifle his creativity as this behaviour is commonly found in entrepreneurially-inclined children. Keep a healthy balance between implementing rules and allowing creative freedom. Reward the child with a small gift in the form of a special meal at home or a movie. This reward mechanism will build positive response and encourage him/her to repeat it and do better the next time.

Show them the hard side of running your own business

Entrepreneurship is definitely not a bed of roses and the path to glory is strewn with difficulties and hard work. Show them in reality that they will have to go beyond the 9 to 5 routine and will have to work for long and hard hours if needed. Of course hard work is always rewarded and let them experience it if you are a business owner yourself or run a successful home business.

Identify their liking and nurture it well

As a parent if you have noticed your kid moving towards a specific direction and are displaying a certain set of skills, make sure you nurture it well. If your child has shown a liking for mechanical or electrical items, bring home books related to it. Ask them to build things, dismantle them and rebuild it. Of course, give safety a priority when he does this and stay around.

If you can see the tiniest streak of entrepreneurship in your child and if they haven’t been expose to the world of business in any way, you can provide them with a glimpse of the same. Your child will gain confidence and essential life skills like leadership and team building if you help him/her to build a small business.

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