Difference in advertising on Facebook vs. LinkedIn ads vs. Google Adwords & YouTube. Which is best?

Difference in advertising on Facebook vs. LinkedIn ads vs. Google Adwords & YouTube. Which is best?

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In this video tutorial I explain the difference between paying to advertise on Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and on YouTube. These are all potentially good places to advertise, and it is often difficult to determine where to spend money advertising. In this tutorial I explain the differences between all these ways to advertise so you no longer have to wonder about it.

The oldest and most established way to advertise is Google Adwords. The strength of Google Adwords is that it knows what people want exactly at the time when they want it because they are typing exactly that when they are searching things in Google. The timing aspect of Google Adwords is what makes it so incredibly strong. The problem with Google Adwords is that clicks from it are pretty expensive.

The newest member of this group is Facebook with their Facebook ads program. Facebook doesn’t have a sense of timing like Google Adwords does, but it can target by demographics, psychographics, spending habits and much more. Clicks from Facebook are also typically cheaper than from Google Adwords. Facebook ads can also positively influence SEO if you target engagement with some of your posts since their ads work on a bidding system and the platform is very crowded with bidders.

LinkedIn advertising can work for many kinds of industries. The problem with LinkedIn advertising is that their clicks are the most expensive, at times easily doubling Facebook’s cost per click, and even Google’s.

Facebook advertising is the new kid on the block. Facebook can be great because they know the most about their users. Facebook knows people likes, interests, hobbies, and the kinds of things they browse and click on. As a marketer, you can leverage that to reach your precise target audience with the least amount of randomness or error.

Lastly, YouTube advertising is very interesting. It is somewhat unlike all the other advertising platforms. You can get a video viewed for pennies per view, which means that you aren’t paying for clicks, but rather exposure on the YouTube platform that may get eventual clicks. It is a good way to build your brand and if you can make a video that sells something, it is very easy and affordable to have that video seen by many people.

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