E-Book and E-Magazine Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

E-Book and E-Magazine Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

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There is no shortage of ways to market a business. Entrepreneurs are usually advised to develop a strong social media presence, as in this day and age, social media is king. PPC advertising is also useful as is B2B networking if other businesses are your main customer. However, what happens if your expert knowledge on a key area is your unique selling point? How can you make this work for you?

Blogging is a great way of establishing yourself as an expert in a niche field, but it has its limits. Most people stick to between 500 and 1,000 words when they write a blog. Since it is difficult to go into detail in that amount of text, anything you write will be superficial at best.

Explore a Subject in Greater Depth

E-books and e-magazines allow you to explore a subject in more depth. Instead of skating over the surface, you can dive in and plumb the depths. With an e-book or e-magazine, it is much easier to organize content into chapters or sections. This allows the reader to jump to the page of most interest to them rather than wasting time scanning a web page for the juicy bits.

Market Niche Businesses

Writing and publishing e-books and e-magazines is an important marketing strategy for niche businesses. It helps to build a brand and attract customers looking for your services. Say, for example, you offer a specialist tax consultancy service for business clients. Writing e-books or publishing an e-magazine on key issues affecting your clients is a smart move. You can provide useful information on current issues and show your customers you are an expert in your field. This establishes your brand and gives customers a very good reason to keep in touch with you.

Use Desktop Publishing Services

Writing e-books and e-magazines is easy. Thanks to desktop publishing services such as Microsoft Publisher and Serif, you don’t have to outsource publications. Once you have written the text, have it proofed and organize the content into chapters or articles. You can use online software to create an e-book cover or magazine cover template and your publication will be ready to go.

You can distribute e-books and e-magazines in a number of ways.

  • Provide a link on your website where readers can download a free copy. You can offer a free e-book or e-magazine in return for the customer’s email address, or you can charge a fee.

  • Amazon also offers an easy-to-use e-book publishing service for anyone, including business authors.

  • An email list is another way to distribute an e-book or e-magazine – send out an email asking customers if they would like a free download and include a link to your website. Most people love something for nothing, so take-up will be high.

The most important thing when producing e-books and e-magazines is to create content that’s useful to the reader. Even if your e-books and e-magazines are free, they still need to offer value. Content should be well written, engaging, and attractively presented, so proofread everything and include illustrations and photos.

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