The Essential Guide To International Shipping

The Essential Guide To International Shipping

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For most companies these days, one of the ways to quickly increase profits and revenues is by expanding into an international market. Some companies feel that it is beneficial to them to establish a HQ in their target country while others simply ship their products from their home country abroad. If you decide on going down the latter route, you will need to make sure that your shipment process is up to scratch so that you don’t disappoint any customers or clients.


Here are a few useful tips that will help you set up and maintain a great shipping process.


Handle Hazardous Materials Carefully


If you sell any materials or chemicals that are potentially dangerous or hazardous, there will be some very strict regulations that you need to stick to with your shipping process. For instance, you will need to ensure that the materials and chemicals are shipped in safe containers. You might even need to invest in a range of bunker tankers so that your products can arrive at their destination as safely as possible. It’s also important that everyone involved in the entire shipping process knows the correct way to handle all dangerous materials.


Think About Shipping Costs


Once you do start offering shipment to your customers and clients, you will need to start charging them for this so that it doesn’t eat into your profits. You need to be smart when setting the charge as it needs to cover all of your costs but shouldn’t be so high that it puts people off from ordering from you.


Manage Your Customer And Client Expectations


Customers and clients sometimes have the tendency to expect too much from the businesses they order from. For instance, they may expect next-day delivery even if you don’t offer that. So, you need to manage their expectations correctly. To do this, you need to be very clear about your expected delivery times and prices. Once you start to manage expectations, you should find that you get far fewer complaints regarding your deliveries and shipments.


Consider Custom Regulations


Did you know that there will be some custom regulations that you need to adhere to if you start shipping your goods to certain countries? You’ll be able to find out about the regulations by getting in touch with the country’s embassy. You’ll also be able to find them by searching online.


Offer Tracking Services


These days lots of customers and clients expect to be able to track their deliveries every step of the way. So, make sure that you offer your customers the option of tracking their orders. If you are using a third-party courier, then you should choose one that also offers tracking services. Lots of customers appreciate being given the option to track their orders as they know when they need to wait in to accept the delivery.


If you follow all of the tips in this essential guide to international shipping, then you should find your delivery system runs as smoothly as possible!

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