Everything You Need To Run Your Business On The Go

Everything You Need To Run Your Business On The Go

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The advent of digital technology is a blessing that has helped entrepreneurs to start businesses with very little capital and overheads, yet yield sustainable profits nonetheless. While many start up businesses are run from an office, office costs can be a prohibitively expensive overhead for businesses that are just starting out and finding their way in the market. Indeed the cost of a premises has led to an exponential rise in hotdesking and entrepreneurs running their businesses from home, from their local coffee shop or from all over the world as a digital nomad. If you’re in the process of developing a business but could do without the expensive overheads that come with an office then here’s everything you need to run your business on the go…


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A comfortable workspace

For a digital nomad, finding a quiet and peaceful place to work that’s free of distractions can be easier said than done, but working from a busy train station or the foyer of a hostel is rarely conducive to maximum productivity. In real terms, all you need is access to a power outlet, a reliable wifi signal and an atmosphere that’s quiet but in which you won’t draw too much attention to yourself if you need to make a phone call. Public libraries are useful for this, and while coffee shops are also a fairly viable option, be mindful of what you’re spending on food and drink while you’re there.

Of course working from home is a viable option, although it’s only advisable if you’re able to dedicate a space for use solely as a home office and allot yourself specific working hours within which you will run your business without distraction.

The right software

When you’re working nomadically, productivity is of paramount importance, so it’s important to have the right software to do the job quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Office 365 small business is a no-brainer to enable you to access either browser based or locally stored versions of the reliable office applications, but if your business requires a lot of active collaboration with others all over the world, these apps are highly recommended:


  • Google Docs allows you to collaborate with different contributors on a single document and each can make color coded annotations and amendments to make it easy to ascertain who’s contributed what.

  • Slack is a great communications tool that allows you to manage communications between contributors and teams far more effectively than a back and forth over email, phone calls and text messages. You can also share resources and organise different team members into working groups.

  • Asana is a task management application that is both versatile and easy to use with an accessible interface and features. You can assign individuals or groups to a task and the team can communicate with you and provide updates in realtime.

  • A virtual assistant might be a little too remote for some entrepreneurs but they can be extremely helpful in organizing your workload. The trick lies in finding the right one. You can bridge the trust gap by perusing Upwork for a virtual PA.

With such a comprehensive infrastructure at your disposal, you need never fork out for expensive office space ever again!

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