Facebook advertising with boosted posts: strategies to increase Facebook engagement & get more likes

Facebook advertising with boosted posts: strategies to increase Facebook engagement & get more likes

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In this tutorial I explain a Facebook advertising strategy which Facebook is pushing forward. That strategy is called boosted posts. Boosted posts are Facebook’s way to allow you to reach more people with your group or business page update by paying Facebook to do so. You can use the boosted posts paid advertising option to reach the people who already liked your page, or to reach new people who might be interested in learning about the kind of content you are promoting.

Facebook boosted posts can be a good way to get more people to like your updates, and to get more people to like your business page or a fan page. Additionally, if the post you are making is promotional and potentially lucrative, I recommend experimenting with getting traffic to that post to potentially help you sell products or services. Although if you pay for traffic, you might as well pay for direct traffic that clicks on an ad that takes those people to your website.

In this video tutorial I explain how I used the Facebook boosted post option to reach over 10,000 people for just $10 which is a very good rate. I also show that I got nearly 200 likes on one of my posts with this strategy.

The boosted posts option is also great for SEO. When you reach many people, some of them will like, share and comment on your posts. When they do that, that sends positive engagement signals to Google. Google factors that into their algorithm, and content with more social activity around it from the top social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a few others, gets an advantage over content which does not have much social activity around it. And the Facebook boosted posts option is a cheap way to boost your content’s social sharing metrics.

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