What is the Facebook edge rank algorithm & how to use it to get more traffic

What is the Facebook edge rank algorithm & how to use it to get more traffic

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In this tutorial I explain what the Facebook edge rank algorithm is, how the edge rank algorithm determines which pages and updates will be seen by which users, and how you can ultimately use this algorithm to get more traffic to your website.

The purpose of this algorithm is to help Facebook determine which users would be interested in which updates of yours. Every user is part of the edge rank algorithm, and every action that user takes creates an edge within that algorithm, which represents a relationship of that user with anything else like pieces of content or other users or general topics of interest. By evaluating all of a user’s edges, Facebook can determine how much interest a particular user may have on certain topics, and that determines that user’s domain authority which in turn determines how much exposure Facebook will give to that user’s updates when he or she themselves make Facebook posts.

One way to take advantage of this algorithm is to generate engagement with your Facebook updates either by funneling people there from other social networks or by buying engagement from Facebook. You can buy many shares and likes from third world countries for mere pennies, and create a lot of engagement around your Facebook updates and give your account more authority.

How To Generate Engagement Using The EdgeRank Algorithm

Since we know what Facebook wants, we can give exactly that to Facebook, and get traffic and exposure in return. And what exactly do they want? it is simple. They want what would be fun and engaging for their audience. That means beautiful photos, popular stories, great videos, little self promotion, and timeliness. Timeliness is very important because simply posting videos that are going viral at that moment can give you quite a bit of extra engagement on Facebook.

The EdgeRank algorithm also determines what to show in people’s news feeds. They give highest priority to people who are your friends, next are fan pages, after that it is group pages, and the lowest priority goes to business pages. The new trend for businesses to get more out of the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm is to create groups instead of business pages, and as much as possible also use their own personal accounts (I realize not all people want to do that).

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