Facebook Marketing With Your Personal Facebook Account

Facebook Marketing With Your Personal Facebook Account

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When people first start promoting their business on Facebook, they usually try to do it from their personal Facebook account rather than creating a business page, fan page, or doing any sort of paid marketing. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using your personal Facebook page to promote your business and some of the differences between using your personal profile to promote your business vs. using a business page to promote your business.

The great part of using your personal profile to promote things is that you already have a reasonably sized and engaged audience who trust you and look forward to your updates (hopefully!). Additionally, your friends are probably eager to help you if they know you need something (also hopefully!).

The challenging part about promoting your work from your personal page is that your friends don’t necessarily want you to sell them anything. They just want to be your friends, and not sales targets. Selling to friends can cheapen the friendship you have with them because people will doubt whether you are their friend because you are truly a friend or because you hope to take advantage of them by selling them something. You must be careful because you don’t want to jeopardize your friendships in exchange for making a few dollars. People and friendships are more important than business.

Despite the fact that there are a number of reasons why you should not promote things on your personal page, there are ways to do this successfully, without annoying your friends. The key is to be genuine and to be very open about when you are actually selling things. Make your friends to feel as active participants in what you are doing. If you manage to invite people into your world rather than doing a hard sell, you can seem genuine enough that your friends will appreciate what you are doing, see your hard work, and be excited about helping you when you need it.

The key is to be genuine, charismatic, and humble about everything. Show your hard working and charismatic side. Make your business journey almost a story for people to follow and get excited about. That will help you get your friends on your side, and help you get the most out of your personal Facebook page.

Here is a bonus tutorial with 25 ways to promote your business on Facebook.

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