First time entrepreneur mistakes and mistakes made by young entrepreneurs

First time entrepreneur mistakes and mistakes made by young entrepreneurs

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In this tutorial I discuss the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs think that their experience is very unique, but in truth, 99% of them typically make identical mistakes to those that thousands of other entrepreneurs made before them.

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One of the most common mistakes made by young entrepreneurs or first time entrepreneurs is not seeking out the help and advice that they desperately need. Very often, one piece of good advice can help an entrepreneur avoid mistakes that can waste thousands of dollars or months of trial and error going after an incorrect strategy.

Another mistake made by first time entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs is not starting their business until they have funding. Most businesses never get funding. So if you wait around for money to fall out of the sky so you can start your business, that is a mistake.

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Business Psychology

To start and successfully run a business, you must have a strong mindset, be determined to succeed, and never give up. There will be many challenges along the way, and some of those challenges will be psychological. You will have to deal with issues like anxiety, fear, trust and mistrust, learning to let go of things like your ego, and learning to be humble. To prepare you for that experience, here is an article on business psychology.


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