Following in the Footsteps of Success: 7 Things the Most Successful Commercial Growers Have in Common

Following in the Footsteps of Success: 7 Things the Most Successful Commercial Growers Have in Common

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There are some types of business where you might be able to create a successful business without having too much industry knowledge or expertize to fall back on.

However, if you are going onto commercial agriculture you will find that there are certain skills and attributes that you can’t do without if you are going to succeed.

Many successful commercial growers would appear to have a lot in common with each other despite growing different crops and agricultural products. Here is a look at what sort of things they share amongst their industry counterparts, including an overview of the key basics that you need to master, why regular testing matters, and what sets industry leaders apart from the others.

A good mastery of the basics

You will quickly discover that the vast majority of successful commercial growers have a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of growing crops.

Having the right growing infrastructure and environment is a good starting point and you can browse here at Agron for a look at what sort of specialized equipment is available.

In addition, knowing how to set about growing your crops takes a detailed understanding of what it takes to enjoy a high level of success when growing a crop.

Knowing the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is essential, as is knowing how to water efficiently and apply the right amount of nutrients.

Light and temperature are other key considerations when it comes to growing crops and you will find that every successful grower has these basics well and truly nailed.

The key to consistency

Commercial growing demands that you produce the same quality crops each and every time and one of the main ways you can achieve that level of consistency is with accurate and diligent record keeping.

Good growers understand that there will always be a few mishaps and disasters that you have to contend with alongside the successes. What really matters is that you keep detailed records relating to all aspects of the growing process so that you are able to pinpoint what went wrong more easily.

The key to consistency is learning from past mistakes by having access to detailed records that will help you eliminate any issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

A good balance between technology and a hands-on approach

The world of commercial crop growing has changed dramatically as a result of new innovations and technological advancements but there is still often no substitute for the human touch.

Computer readings and sensors can be very useful to a grower but it is often the case that human intervention to check on the health of a crop is still very much on the agenda with the majority of successful growing operations.

Regular testing

Another common feature amongst top growers is the fact that they all carry out frequent soil and other tests in order to check on the health and progress of their crops.

Having a consistent testing policy is often seen as vital to the success if a commercial grower and gaining access to this valuable data allows the chance to make adjustments to things like the level of nutrients if it is needed.

Testing is not often an expensive exercise for growers once they have a system in place and the ability to get an accurate assessment on such a regular basis is probably considered money well spent.

Always room for improvement

Although it can be a lot easier these days to make full use of technology and produce a decent level of consistency with your crops it is unlikely that any professional grower will ever be happy to sit back and declare that they can’t make any further improvements.

A common theme amongst successful growers is that they most likely all adopt the same mindset and consistently strive to improve on what they have already achieved with their crops.

There are so many aspects of research that always demand further investigation, such as advancements in growing techniques and disease control initiatives, for instance.

This means that top growers will always look to evolve as industry standards and technology creates new avenues to explore in the search for perfection.

Tools of the trade

A decent level of expertise as a grower will only take you so far and if you don’t have the right level of equipment and facilities at your disposal this will hinder your chances of continued success.

A successful grower will have a robust maintenance program in place, ensuring that sensors are regularly calibrated and faulty equipment is repaired or replaced, amongst other things.

If you were to inspect the facilities at a top crop growing operation it is most likely that you will discover that they are all committed to keeping their equipment well maintained.

Professional development

Industry leaders usually hold their exalted status because of their passion in what they do and also as a result of being totally committed to ongoing training and professional development.

Successful growers will be both keen to share their in-depth knowledge for the good of the industry and will be prepared to subject themselves to ongoing training as well.

Many highly successful growers tend to be keen to expand their knowledge and are not always satisfied with just mastering their own crop specialism. Having a wider understanding of other species and types of crops will allow them to stay ahead as a top grower and give them a greater level of commercial awareness.

When you are able to tick all of the boxes in relation to every one of the categories and areas of expertise that you need to master, you can consider yourself to be a successful grower.

That journey is likely to take some time if you are just starting out, but it would pay to take the hint that many successful commercial growers do tend to have a lot of the same things in common, and that is surely no coincidence.

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