How to get a free domain name for your website

How to get a free domain name for your website

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Follow this link to get a free domain name when you sign up for web hosting with BlueHost.

BlueHost is one of the most popular and reputable WordPress hosting services on the web. The great thing about BlueHost is that they also give you a free domain name if you sign up with their service. Pretty cool, right?

In fact, there is another great reason why you should buy the domain name right from your hosting provider. That is because your setup and configurations will be cheaper, simpler and faster. If you buy a domain name from a service like GoDaddy, that can be just fine. But if you buy your hosting from anywhere else, what you will have to do is a domain transfer and redirect. I have personally done this over ten times with different websites and it is always a confusing process that wastes a few hours of your time. The configuration itself can take under an hour, but you also have to wait before the servers get reset and your site renders as it should. All together, this can needlessly waste up to 24 hours.

Getting your domain name for free from BlueHost is great because for one, you obviously get a free domain name. Who would not want that? And second, it saves you time and frustration having to configure your domain redirects. So you kill two birds with one stone when you get your free domain name with BlueHost when you sign up for their WordPress hosting. And by the way, their WordPress hosting is quite good and very reasonably priced.

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