Getting the Word out There: 6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Catering Services

Getting the Word out There: 6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Catering Services

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Food, service and hospitality make up the catering business. Catering is a growing industry, with many opportunities for events, weddings and business functions it can be a fulfilling and worthwhile venture. With the right tools, methods and skill set, you can get a successful catering service up and running in no time. Here are 6 ways to promote your catering service.

    1. Diverse Menu
      By offering a creative menu, you can wean yourself from your competition and is the perfect way to promote your catering service. A menu with different options and diverse flavours are sure to attract a cult following. Even try to add some fusion in the cuisine, an eclectic mix of korean and western influences can try a unique crowd and have people choose you for your special menu items.
    2. Marketing
      Creative marketing goes a long way when it comes to promoting your business. With the right tools and marketing strategy, you can get your catering service off the ground in no time. Try launching a push marketing campaign or even a rewards program to drive incentive to businesses to use your catering services.
    3. Stellar Customer Service
    4. Find creative ways to deliver customer service. The better your service, the more likely others will come back using your catering service. Serve customers with intention, offer delivery, customized plates, 24 hour service and even customizable meals to curve the competition and promote your catering service.

    5. Happy Hour
    6. A creative way to attract more businesses and offices perhaps is to offer happy hour during the lunch rush. Give combo meals at a discount with free delivery. This will encourage offices and business to cater more often and find the best catering services in their city. For example, the best catering company in Atlanta GA would have a way to strategically come up with creative approaches in delivering their food within a growing market. You can even offer happy hour catering for weddings during their break between ceremony and reception. Think creative ways to boost your revenue and engage new audiences.

    7. Host pop-up shops
      Give your market a sneak peak in the food and services you offer. Host pop-ups at popular hubs across the city where you believe your market would go and give samples and offer special discounts so audiences can order their catering right on the spot. This way it’ll also widen your network by partnering with others stores to hold your pop-up and riding on their customers and community as well. You never know, they may even become your first customers!

    8. Online ordering
      Convenience is the new attraction. Let your guests order catering right from their phone or online. This is quick and easy that’ll let your customers order their favorite dishes in no time. By allowing orders online, this can also help you promote your service on the internet and stand out against competition that have no digital footprint.


Catering services are an ever growing trend. Once you get the word out, it just takes a few to get orders in. So, think creatively and start investing in your catering business today.

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