Giving the Right Impression: 6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Office More Professional

Giving the Right Impression: 6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Office More Professional

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There’s a lot of sayings about first impressions and how important they are. True, in some ways they can be a little deceiving but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s like starting a new relationship when you’re always trying to be your best self. If you get to the point of marriage, the flaws will have been revealed (and accepted) on both sides, but it takes time to reveal those and at the earliest stages it’s important to make a good impression. Everybody wants to put their best self forward initially, emphasizing the strengths and ignoring the weaknesses.

In business, the first impression is even more important. Your relationships won’t be as intimate as at home, but they can have a massive impact on your life and career. To make sure you come across as intended, every variable should be tweaked – how you dress, talk, and even your office. Here are 6 ways to make your office scream professionalism.

  • Prioritize Space

Having space to move around is important, and it’s even more important when guests are visiting your office. Don’t clutter the area up with unnecessary furniture. Stick to what you need to work, and a chair (or chairs depending on how many visitors you usually have). Space is important on your desk too because you may need extra room at any time if one of your meetings involves the use of documents. Having a cluttered room can also be stressful, whilst an emptier room is believed to be less distracting and more relaxing.

  • Be Organized

Being organized is a hallmark of professional people. There are a few successful people who struggle with this aspect. The organization is also an important skill in business; it helps your productivity, punctuality, and ability to deal with problems. You can reflect this by keeping an organized office, with everything in its’ rightful place. The use of filing systems and a wastebasket help a lot.

  • Good Lighting

Having a well-lit office brings positive vibes and is conducive to work and professionalism. Ideally, you would have a good amount of natural light flooding in, but in the absence of this, there are a variety of lighting fixtures and lamps you can use for a bright space. Go for natural looking lights when possible.

  • Smell Wonderful

A pleasant smelling room generally lifts moods and leads to good interactions. You can get all types of air fresheners and scent dispersers nowadays. One of my favorites are oil diffusers, they give health benefits and moisture at the same time as the scent. If you want to know more, check this site out.

  • A Personal Touch

Add a personal touch to your office by displaying a few items. Awards and trophies awarded to you are particularly good, especially if they’re relevant to your field. Likewise, it’s nice to have a picture or two of your loved ones. Remember not to go overboard with this though, the personal touch humanizes you and builds rapport but the general theme should be one of professionalism and work – not your bowling career and wallpaper made of family portraits.

  • Limit the Noise

Just as you don’t want to go overboard with personal stuff or furniture, you shouldn’t go overboard with decor either. Stick to light, plain colors and in solid patterns. Don’t go for ‘loud’ colors and don’t dress the place up with lots of paintings, pictures or ornaments. Think of why people come to see you and what type of person you would want if you were in their shoes. Now try to portray that person and their personality in how your office looks.

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