Growth Hacking Starts with the Right Mindset: 5 Aspects of Your Business That Can Benefit from Automation

Growth Hacking Starts with the Right Mindset: 5 Aspects of Your Business That Can Benefit from Automation

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When it comes to increasing the growth and efficiency of any business, automation should be the first word that comes to your mind. If you’re not taking advantage of the myriad tools and platforms for automating certain aspects of your business in today’s competitive environment, you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage that your company may not survive. The following are five ways your business will benefit from getting on the automation bandwagon.


Increased Efficiency


With cloud-based tools for tracking projects, tasks and who is assigned to do what and when, there’s little opportunity for confusion, which means tasks get completed faster. Any software that automates a particular aspect of your business will typically come with a dashboard or other control system that will give you, as the owner or manager, a bird’s eye view of what’s been done, what still needs doing, and who will be doing it. This is particularly true with the advent of mobile devices enabling you and members of a project team to stay in contact and contribute wherever they are.


Streamline Sales and Marketing


Any business that’s serious about growing quickly needs to delve into the possibilities offered by AI-powered sales automation CRM software. Sales-oriented customer relationship management software can eliminate data entry and work like an assistant to help you manage contacts, projects and reminders. It will utilize AI to guide your sales team to close more sales by tracking where every contact is in a given sales pipeline, what the next step is to move them along that pipeline and who needs to take that step.


Better Customer Support


Customers are more likely to do business with you if they know you’ll be there for them if there’s a problem. Providing online chat and a help desk for customer support can serve this purpose while also automating the process to make sure every support situation is handled as efficiently as possible.


Getting More Value From Each Employee


Basically, an automated business is a more smoothly functioning business, which only increases the speed at which tasks and projects are completed as well as how quickly sales and deals are closed. The coordination made possible with cloud-based business automation software means each employee will know precisely what they should be doing in any given situation. They’ll be able to see at a glance where a contact is along the sales pipeline and what other contacts have been made with them so they’ll know the next step to take.


Improved Transparency in Company Operations


It wasn’t long ago that company owners had to have regular meetings with department heads or receive regular reports in order to find out where each division of a larger company was as far as sales, project completions and other statistics. Today, an owner of even a fairly large company can ascertain most, if not all, such information from the dashboard on cloud-based automation software.

If your company is not fully utilizing automation in nearly all aspects of operations, it is operating at a potentially crippling disadvantage relative to other companies in your industry. Automation will increase the efficiency with which your business grows while increasing employee and customer satisfaction, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

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