A guide To ERP Systems for Small Businesses

A guide To ERP Systems for Small Businesses

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Just like a young child, small and medium businesses require attention that nurtures them to grow steadily. Today, business management requires a system that not only helps in operations of daily activities but also provides data used to make decisions. Therefore, small business owners and managers have no choice but to embrace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Just to refresh your memory, these systems helps all the functions of a company to integrate and work as one. Third Wave experts have enough skills and resources to install the best ERP in your company and help in its usage to improve your business performance. Below is a list of the popular ERP systems one can use in their small business.

SAP Business One

This ERP system is one of the most popular for both small and mid-size businesses. With its capability, a business person can conveniently run all their operations, like receiving orders, processing them, inventory control, CRM, and finances all in one system. The SAP Business One system has the following benefits for a business:

·        Better decisions making – if the business decisions are based on data, then one can get all the information of the business in one integrated software.

·        Never miss anything – the system has different capabilities like a calendar, diary, and alerts that help one to respond to clients, take actions, or process payments, thus, making the business grow in customer service.

·        Business growth – with e-commerce and CRM capabilities, one can easily reach new customers, suppliers, and shareholders to expand the business very fast.

Oracle NetSuite

This ERP has seen great evolution since it started as an accounts software. Today, it has all-round capabilities where it can handle all business intelligence services, HR functions, and CRM functions. Just like the SAP, this ERP is also suitable for small and medium businesses. It has the following benefits:

·        Digital integration – with the e-business capability decision makers for a business will be confident to face the world where digital business operations are inevitable.

·        Compatibility – Oracle values mobile phone users and its compatibility with mobile phones is a great benefit to many business owners who want to take control on the go.

·        Overall integration – businesses can make better decisions when all their operations are integrated into one reliable system. Data to make such decisions is thus readily available in real time.

Sage ERP x3

When looking for an easy and straightforward ERP to help the small business to grow, then sage ERP X3 seems to the solution you need. Since it covers all operations, employees can see the light they need to work faster and efficiently. The ERP has the following benefits for a business:

·        Flexibility – Rather than the business adapting to it, the ERP is flexible to easily fit into business operations in a simple and easy to use way. In fact, the system can fit in any operating system whether for PC or mobile phone.

·        International capabilities – the system does not know boundaries and will fit well in all operations like processing, manufacturing, and services across the whole world.

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