Healthy Daughters, Healthy Moms, Happy Feet

Healthy Daughters, Healthy Moms, Happy Feet

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If girls live in your home, the chances are good that dance is a hot topic. It’s all the rage with this young generation, and the same can be said for older generations. The success of Dancing with the Stars demonstrates this.

If the girls show little enthusiasm for dance currently, an urging may be in the calling. The benefits of dancing for the girls in your home should be taken into consideration, and then used as a motivating factor to encourage them to participate.

If they balk at first, the outfits should garner their attention. Some of the apparel designed for dance can be worn as the girls are “out and about”, adding an extra element to their sense of style.

We know that Mom needs her exercise. She also worries about the appearance of her feet, what lady doesn’t? For those of us who love to run, there are ways to protect our feet and get that necessary cardio workout.


Using That Kid Energy

Kids bouncing off the walls is commonplace. How to best channel that energy from the girls in your home can be challenging. I know, hello Captain Obvious!

Leading your girls to dancing is an exercise that will benefit them in more ways than physical well-being. Rebecca Lake offers up 4 benefits for kids in dance, and this applies for all age groups:

– Improvements in physical health

– Better social and communication skill sets

– Typically leads to higher grades

– Growth in self-esteem and confidence


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They may balk at the idea of taking up dance. Many times, this is due to fear. It’s understandable, as many kids have a fear of the unknown. However, most kids love to wear new clothes.

The creativity that is on display with the dance clothes that are available for girls is demonstrated from the shoes to the tops. The themes and the colors are sure to catch the eye of many. We want our girls to be happy and healthy, and dancewear can lead them to dancing.

Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Sharp

Running plays havoc on feet if precautions are not taken. We runners know the drill. Those well pedicured soles and toes can turn into blistered eyesores in short-order. The men in our life are not that concerned with the appearance of their feet. Us ladies, on the other hand, have to be.

If we want to wear flip-flops to the pool or those killer slingback heels that we have for that special night, what steps can be taken to protect our feet? In addition, will these steps help alleviate any unnecessary foot pain?

Fara Rosenzweig is an accomplished certified personal trainer, and she offers 4 tips to healthier feet for runners:

– Picking the right shoes

– Going with style and support

– Keep the extra-high heels for special occasions

– Foot massages

So, as you are working on your cardio and leg muscles, your feet can look and feel their best.


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