Website About Cultural Heritage

Website About Cultural Heritage

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I recently chatted with Joshua Cohen who is working on building a heritage website The Heritage Source. This site’s approach to heritage is unlike other heritage websites which traditionally simply focused on building heritage trees of people’s ancestry. Joshua’s approach is to understand heritage from a deeper place. His site will focus on understanding people’s cultural heritage as well as their genetic heritage. The site is currently in closed beta, but there is crowdfunding going on at the moment. Here Joshua’s crowdfunding site to learn more about the project and donate if you are interested.

Upcoming Interview With Joshua Cohen

I will be interviewing Joshua on my YouTube channel about what cultural heritage means to everyone, and what it really is. Here is just a few of the sample questions I will be asking during the interview.

  • What does heritage mean to you?
  • Is there a difference between cultural and genetic heritage?
  • Is there such a thing on genetic heritage?
  • How does this apply to everyone?
  • How can people discover their heritage?
  • What is the best way to share your heritage with others without imposing?
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